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Let this winter no longer cold, hard wall hanging furnace energy saving tips

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Condensation wall-mounted gas type as a new comfortable environmental protection product, has gradually been more families favoured by the pursuit of high quality life. But when using cb in our daily life also has a few tricks, use these tips, you can avoid the waste of energy. 1, the water temperature setting should not be more than 50 ℃, the winter bath water temperature in 42 ℃ or so commonly, and summer in 37 ℃ or so, and anti scaling properties of cb is decided when the life water set water temperature more than 50 ℃, the possibility of fouling in water can be increased greatly. And the scale will inevitably affect in the thermal efficiency of the equipment. 2, in the process of bath to decrease the number of switch for the faucet as far as possible, because each switch is a hot water faucet, boiler will be starting again and again in the heating water temperature to the temperature you want, ordinary boiler at least 7 seconds, during this period and frittering away there is a lot of cold water, and waste gas. Small make up recommend can select the product of high brand awareness, not only the boiler start-up time is short, energy conservation and environmental protection. Ariston condensation in cb, for example, the device adopts the advanced condensing technology, recycling waste heat, environmental protection and energy saving, and daily use, the shortest 5 seconds comfortable hot water supply. 3, don't leave the room during heating heating temperature is too high, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too big, people are easy to catch a cold. But according to statistics, the room heating to 19 ℃ to consume 10% more than the room heating to 18 ℃. 4, close or lower the temperature of the room not inhabited. 5, go to work at home during the day without the person should not be closed in cb, temperature gear to * *, habit of a lot of office worker in cb no man will shut down at home, after work and then place the cb high-grade for rapid heating, this practice is very unscientific. Room cooling after 9 hours, because the room temperature and set temperature difference in temperature is bigger, the boiler need to run the fire, so that not only energy saving, waste gas will be more, the practice of science is through the room thermostat to lower the temperature of the room a little bit, such as no room thermostat, it directly set hanging furnace heating temperature to * *, during which the boiler will be intermittent small fire burning, to compensate for the heat loss of the room. Can you come home from work is energy saving and so has a comfortable temperature. 6, into the night, can be appropriately adjust the room temperature below the temperature of 2 ~ 3 ℃ during the day, it also helps to energy conservation. 7, use hanging furnace energy saving partner ( Room temperature controller, the outdoor temperature, etc. ) , can effectively energy saving about 25%.
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