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Less than 100 dollars, to teach you how to make the fireplace in the home to a glorious

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
The fireplace is the warmth of family, the public focus, but a bad exteriors or external paint work may reduce the overall effect and beauty! Fortunately, we can paint exteriors fireplace, cheap and simple, they can complete. To modify your fireplace exteriors will make comfortable party happier around the stove. 1. Painted brick fireplace decorated choose match your exteriors of heat resistant paint. Fireplace exteriors can blend in the integral design of the room or, depending on your creation and change. No matter what color you choose, can choose latex, heat resistant paint, brush to make sure your new color can last. Can try to crisp white coating, fashionable appearance. If the wall in the home is white, you can use a plain wooden mantelpiece offset color, or use bright color mint or cream bring young feeling for your room. Black fireplace, in the white room create a striking contrast. If you don't want so extreme contrast, dark gray on the light in the room looks very soft. You can choose and buy the paint must be able to withstand 200 ° F ( 93°C) The high temperature. 2. With steel ball scrub around the fireplace bricks, remove dirt and dust. Wear gloves and goggles, and then use trisodium phosphate ( TSP) Cleaner, with high concentration of detergent cleaning bricks. Then rinse the bricks with a damp sponge and wait for its drying. Clean the bricks is the precondition of painting, will ensure that your paint adhesion to the surface of a brick and dry. 3. Cover with plastic and tape outside act the role of the surrounding area. The old cloth or plastic on the ground. The fireplace edge paste, to prevent accidents due to the paint brush touch the walls around or mantel. 4. With antifouling paint first daub it again. Open a can of antifouling oily undercoat, and follow the instructions in the tins should be apply to the entire exterior trim surface. When you use the fireplace, it will protect the paint from soot pollution. In order to obtain the best protection effect, please look for the choose and buy primer containing sealants and antifouling agent. Put primer paint tray, use the 3/4 inch ( 1. 9 cm) Cylinder coated with uniform paint, complete the corners and edges with a small paint brush work. You could, if you still see the color of the brick, please with two layers of paint. 5. In 2 - 3 layers of paint primer. Continuous mixing paint, to spread at the bottom of the sediment. The paint in a tray, into 3/4 inch ( 1. 9 cm) The design of the drum, the drum used for texture surface, which will help the rough surface of the lacquer. Repair, using a small paint brush roller can't contact area. , follow the instructions in the tins, each layer of the tu yi want interval for a few hours, to set aside sufficient drying time.
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