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LED lighting 'invitation', go on standardized road

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Recently, the guangdong issued 11 standard involved in LED lighting, the standardization of industry development and pushed forward in step. Believe that in the last year, there will be a lot of people make fun of LED lighting industry standard is missing, disorder competition, but since this year, using standard loom, the first is enacted in the early January embedded LED lamps and lanterns of performance requirements and other national standard, the standard is China's first LED lamps and lanterns is the performance of the national standard, and then around the district government department or the industry organizations have issued a series of LED lighting related standards, so far, though not perfect, but industry comprehensive standardization is still on the road. Guangdong province issued 58 local standards related to LED lighting 11 July of this year, approved by the guangdong province pledges inspect bureau issued 58 guangdong local standards formally implemented, including LED lighting industry of 11, including jiangmen fine horse by jiangmen high-tech enterprises photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Is responsible for the elevator lighting LED lighting design standards ( 4 / T1336 - Numbers for db3 2014). The standard set for the first time in the province and even the whole country belonged to. It is understood that the elevator lighting LED lighting design standards set lighting standard, quality, energy conservation evaluation indexes of power supply and distribution, lighting, suitable for rated voltage up to 250 v direct current (dc) and below 1000 v alternating current (ac), can be widely used in office buildings, commercial residential buildings, shopping malls, railway stations, subways, airports and other public places passenger elevator and cargo elevator lighting system. LED lamp lighting standards be born in July, the national standard committee launched three LED explosion-proof lamp standard plan, aimed at through the establishment of technical standards, in the LED lamp intelligent lighting control, interface specification and speed detection method is applied to areas such as standardize the market, guide the industry, and promote innovation. Internationally, Zhaga alliance announced Book7 and Book8 LED explosion-proof lighting engine interface specification, LED lamp new energy efficiency standards promulgated by the eu also formally come into effect in March 2014, new goods to sell LED lamp are mandatory energy sticker. Four LED lighting industry standards evaluation association, China's semiconductor lighting technology and application of semiconductor lighting/LED industry alliance released April LED double side light safety requirements, performance requirements and the directional since the classification of the ballast LED lights specifications, performance requirements of four key in LED lighting industry standards. Among them, the ordinary lighting non-directional from ballast LED lights specifications classification 'as an important basis for semiconductor lighting industry standards, have been adopted by the authority iso international electrotechnical commission. The classification criteria in international said lighting effect was proposed for the first time 'lumens, instead of the traditional' tile ', as a division of the LED lamp specifications of the new concept, the more LED lights such as high efficiency and energy saving features and advantages. September LED drive power supply into the state certification and 3 c compulsory certification category combined with pilot certification implementation rules for the implementation experience, fully conducted specific products the adjustment of the implementation rules for compulsory certification, which LED drive power supply into the category of 3 c compulsory certification, September 1. Unwilling to lag behind regional standards across the LED standard has not been given the national universal coverage, in some areas to start or established domestic industries in a certain area is LED products standards. At the end of march this year, jiangxi province, a guangdong LED LED enterprises to adopt standards, release 'to standard light source, LED light components' new technologies and new products. In terms of standards, quanzhou LED industry also unwilling to lag behind, start this work in June. Photoelectric institute has set up a standardized laboratory, and to jointly formulate quanzhou quanzhou standardization association LED local quality standard system. Lighting standards gradually clear in the next three years the market will present standardization development LED standard has long been criticized for missing, also had a bad influence for the healthy development of the industry, a lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, this is due to the development of LED lighting is not enough mature, many aspects in the development, with the rising of technology and stable, the introduction of the corresponding standard more timely. , hangzhou zhongheng Ye Jianbo send power supply co. , LTD general manager said: 'the LED development time is short, every year there are technological breakthroughs. Many standard for this year, not next year. This is the standard of the important reasons for the missing. In addition, different enterprise technology is different understanding of the standard is not the same, it also have an impact on standard is not unified. 'for the standardization of lighting industry, crystal electronics ( Guangzhou) Co. , LTD. , President of help Song Dong also Shared his opinion, the early stage of the LED lighting industry is not standard, because many theory and practice in the industry are not unified. But starting in 2007, LED the standard programmatic slowly, now everyone in LED lighting field in follow this rule. Both the standardization, to grow, can survive for a long time. Through these years of precipitation, especially within the industry sources within the module, has reached a consensus, standardization, many well-known brands are tend to the future in the industry of small and medium enterprises will be gradually standardized, standard, is the only thing can be gained popularity. At the same time, Song Dong told reporters: 'personally, I think the longest time for three years. All products will become standardized, LED lighting, from 2005 to now, has experienced nearly a decade, which precipitated a lot of technology, we believe that in 2017 years, LED lighting industry of all the products must be standardized. ”
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