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LED lamp is broken how repair? Learn to yourself

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
As a general user how to repair the LED lamp? Leds are the cause of the problem has a lot of, but there are some fault is relatively simple, the user can try it yourself, just as the headphones. LED lights of the common faults and maintenance method 1, LED lamp bead damage. This is a very common fault, the general LED lights burn out, the surface will have black spots, look carefully to distinguish, for this kind of breakdown maintenance, need to be equipped with a soldering iron to burn out the lights down to replace, if not LED lamp bead? Can use about 150 Ω resistance to replace, if it is a constant current source driver can directly short answer. 2, filter capacitor failure. Simple LED lights will commonly alternating current (ac) after RongZu step-down rectifier directly, and then through the capacitor filter to power LED lamp bead. If the filter capacitor failure can lead to voltage instability, dc voltage on the low side, which makes LED lights dimmed. Multimeter is capacitance measuring the capacity of the filter capacitor, if the error is bigger, the error is greater than 30% indicated that the capacitance was bad, find a pressure value and capacity are greater than or equal to the capacitance parameter of the capacitance change. 3, RongZu step-down module is damaged, RongZu step-down module is composed of capacitance of a capacitor and a resistor in parallel, can use multimeter to measure the capacitance, resistance is damaged, if damaged, find a parameter equivalent capacitance, resistance change. 4, line disconnected. Open LED lamp, check internal input and output wiring place whether there is a disconnect, if any, use soldering iron to the welding can be fixed. 5, rectifier diode failure. Rectifier diodes, such as open circuit, short circuit fault, may be caused over-voltage over-current, also may be due to a long-term use of failure. Find a reverse pressure value is greater than 350 v, working current is greater than zero. 5 a rectifier diode can, such as 1 n4004 ~ 1 n4007 etc. 6, LED constant current drive circuit malfunction. For this kind of failure needs a certain electronic related experience professionals to repair, for the average user, after more than a simple fault reason not or replace a new LED lights.
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