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LED a new era: the concept of 'light'> the concept of 'light'

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
On June 12, commonly known as' light and exhibition, guangzhou international lighting fair in pazhou. As the world's biggest lighting fair, the light and the exhibition attracted 2601 domestic and foreign well-known brand exhibition, the exhibition area of more than 220000 square meters, across the pazhou, 21 pavilion. As a domestic leading professional event, light is the exhibition every year for the development of lighting industry. The latest lighting products and solutions, focused on the means of June. We see, has been closely watched LED in the situation of this year in full bloom, technology become more mature, more widely used. New products, new technology, new ideas, to create more possibilities for lighting effects. More and more enterprises are more emphasis on 'solutions' fluctuation kongfu, in addition to display products, dedicated to providing more space light bring new revelation. Acrylic + LED said new technology brings more likely is the LED lighting industry industry, a little too much. In recent years, with the rapid development of LED industry, the more energy efficient, more stable, more expressive product represents the future development direction, and has gradually penetrated into lighting fields. From the perspective of the division of light this year the exhibition exhibition area is evident: in pazhou exhibition hall of A and B are connected. Among them, the area B is almost LED, LED light source and lamps and lanterns, LED base material, the LED driver and control are set up a special pavilion. Even in A commercial lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting and other areas, the vast majority of brands are dominated by the LED products, shows the trend of the absolute. This year, the reporter sees, LED products in addition to the technology is more stable, more energy efficient, and update the product design and development. The combination of leds and materials such as acrylic, convex mirror, bring light rendering more possibilities. Such as zhejiang, crystal lighting launched many acrylic, LED and stainless steel or aluminum alloy product mix. Frosted acrylic light diffusion, the modelling of metal cutting to create beauty. A multi-layer acrylic and stainless steel combined with the bud light very romantic breath. Op a ceiling lamp also use acrylic material, the circular disk of lamps and lanterns is a piece of transparent acrylic, refraction point with a laser. Don't turn on the light, the disc is transparent, turn on the light, colorful LED bead light let the lamps and lanterns is full of sense of the future. Another from the brand decorative light in LED lamp holder to add the convex lens' fish-eye 'effect. Through the convex mirror light out modelling light, through different combination of lamps and lanterns, can form unique metope adornment. Space lighting features from the perspective of the new features of the exhibition this year, can feel, lamps and lanterns is not just a light source, through the design of the product, the collocation of the light, to create a different space environment. This is the idea of lighting enterprise transformation. No longer just focus on selling products, pay more attention to the solution. Add to the message more products displayed on the way. Highlight color rendering of fresh supermarket shelves display mode, the outstanding works of art on display lighting museum, highlight the commercial space of beautifully dressed lighting, etc. , through the combination of different lamps and lanterns of choose and lights, build a space atmosphere. The display method, see more at the booth of the commercial lighting, this year, cover more areas, decorative lighting, professional lighting, outdoor lighting even booth, also used the outstanding display lighting effect. In addition, there are many more enterprises focus on household space lighting solutions, rendering the spatial layout of lamplight. For example superlighting in addition to displaying the latest lighting products, in the booth set up the run out of space such as dining-room, sitting room decorate; Foshan lighting enterprise bright artisan paint brand exhibition hall, also has a kitchen, corridor and so on household space light show, with solutions to attract the audience. New lighting concept of a three-dimensional lighting lighting can change lives in solution, bring forward to run out of ideas, there are quite a few enterprises this year bring new thinking for the space used up. Designers trying to lights, change people's household life philosophy. Such as opple exhibition hall, a simulation of the sitting room ceiling three-dimensional lighting is worth pondering. Designer told reporters, this design is the concept of performance, the sitting room can do not have 'advocate the lamp light. Through the embedded in the sitting room modelling smallpox on the LED light source, can not only realize the three-dimensional lighting, ensure the brightness of the space requirements, also can avoid direct to the human eye dazzling light. This design is more and more by the modern family needs. Zhejiang crystal day lighting of wash wall lamp show also creative, the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns or ordinary, just do some small change space design, can have distinct adornment effect. One of the solutions is decorated in the metope with uneven brush marks. Brush mark above to install LED lights belt, light is designed to be uneven in metope, can have abundant and excellent decorative effect. A mirror from philips lamp also bring new run out of ideas. Don't turn on the light of the circumstances is a mirror, through a mirror on the touch panel, can show the BianKuan lamp tape, also can be the mirror to light, this light way more convenient for daily life. Is a mirror and light source lighting scheme of metope decorate with simple wash wall lamp can have rich lighting effects
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