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Lamps and lanterns to join there are pitfalls, everyone joining trader must be cautious

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
In guzhen lighting online in the morning to see a news news, news content is roughly: in ten thousand the county business of lamps and lanterns shop xu boss recently encountered a join in trap, he saw a lighting companies in guangdong exhibition hall of the lamps and lanterns is authentic, quality good, but I didn't think to pay the $30000 payment for goods back to the county seat in ten thousand, received the lamps and lanterns of what is not in the exhibition hall to see the lamps and lanterns, but some have no, trademarks, certificate of origin of the inferior goods. ( References in guzhen lighting network) Now cheater is rampant, deception of means can't imagine, so you must be careful, to avoid falling into a liar. Our tome, to ensure the quality of all products are are of high quality quality goods, have intention to do business of lamps and lanterns can join! In addition our company's lamp of contemporary and contracted sitting room, dining-room lamp is now selling very hot! We in good faith in business, quality to you!
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