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Lamps and lanterns design is not only creative, but also a kind of feelings

by:Longjian     2020-09-25
Lamps and lanterns design is not only creative, but also a kind of feelings before decorate, we only an absorb dome light in each space center solved all the lighting problem. Then, for a period of time, every household whether need not to need, in addition to advocate the lamp, a pile of tube lamp, lamp with condole top, the result is only open to advocate the lamp, the other doesn't open once half a year. Now with the popularity of modern wind and northern wind, like no advocate the lamp design more and more families to decorate demand is higher and higher, the requirement of illume arrangement is becoming more and more delicate. In life, the more you know you will find that they don't understand it more. To decorate, I have this feeling, to know, the more will find themselves less professional, especially for lighting. I will share some of my shallow knowledge for decoration lighting. Light and shade is just as important, if purely pursuing balanced brightness will lose space aesthetic feeling and atmosphere. Different space to do different things, need different brightness and light, such as the bedroom is rest don't need too bright, and the study is reading and learning requires a higher intensity of illumination. With good reflection we know is the light straight line dissemination, if it is direct lighting may feel dazzling, dazzle light, an object cast shadows, and if the use of good reflection, can make indoor light is more soft, uniform, no shadows. Blocked the light source such as through condole top modelling part, through the lamplight illuminate metope or top surface reflective to provide lighting, can make the light more soft. Lighting design case examples collected before the local lighting pictures, take a look at different lighting design, divergent thinking, let's get rid of an age of only a single room to absorb dome light. , of course, applies to his home, still have to according to his own life habits, such as some people like to read in the sitting room must consider reading lamp. Modern common lighting layout, the sitting room in the middle of a main light adornment is given priority to, not necessarily to illuminate the whole sitting room, TV and sofa background respectively in 2 auxiliary lamp to wash the wall, on both sides of the sofa also paired with a pair of wall lamp can be used when reading lamp, lighting can make up for the sofa area of the bedroom wants downy lamplight, even better if we can adjust the brightness, can choose advocate the lamp tube lamp and lamp belt can also be used, if the reflected light is better, the head of a bed can add reading lamp, wall lamp, droplight and desk lamp can be competent. Over the sink and work station above remember kitchen decorate lighting, night to cook or wash will be more convenient, if before forgot to arrangement of water and electricity, also have a remedy, such as socket type or dry cell type the floodlight dresser or bathroom mirror, the mirror is good lighting around on both sides, front top lighting, do so that you can see the mirror 'no shadow' on the face, squeeze blain blain is not out of the question in the lights of the impending type shoe design and convenient in shoes, central if shoe ark is our r area, can also add lights, cabinet and niche increased on lighting vision, but also emphasize the display; The stairs with a light or lamp tape, besides the steps more clearly, building a better vision. So, the light in addition to light, and the pursuit of more functions and decoration. Great designer is really have to know everything learned to do, not just draw a diagram.
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