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Lamps and lanterns collocation, make your home a makeover

by:Longjian     2020-09-27
Lamps and lanterns collocation, make your home a makeover! When decorate house, lamps and lanterns as a lighting tool, is certainly not decorate building materials. So many different kinds of lamps and lanterns, however, like a chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, dome light and so on, wide variety of lamps and lanterns, function also is different, everyone is when the choose and buy, in addition to pay attention to the quality, appearance style of lamps and lanterns, also know different lamps and lanterns is suitable for what kind of environment. Next, the lamp will tell you how to tie-in choice of lamps and lanterns. The room needs to be collocation of different lamps and lanterns, lamp act the role ofing summed up as follows: one, sitting room, the sitting room is the family party, leisure, as well as an important place for receiving visitors, in general, pay more attention to outward appearance modelling of lamps and lanterns of the sitting room! Can choose according to the size and style. The choice of the space is little a advocate the lamp, can take a variety of lamps and lanterns to create atmosphere of space is large. It is important to note that the sitting room is the place that receive a visitor, so the light must be adequate. Common styles of lamps and lanterns collocation of droplight and canister light or lamp tape. Second, all the time on the bedroom decorate exquisite bright hall darkroom, the bedroom is bed rest places, people require the bedroom dark, hence downy lamplight of the bedroom is decorated is key, that he can master the relaxation of the mood. The lighting lamps and lanterns of the bedroom with sweet and warm yellow for fundamental key. At the same time, the head of a bed upper part can be embedded tube lamp or wall lamp, can also be embedded in the ark tube lamp act the role ofing, make indoor more romantic and comfortable atmosphere. Three, restaurant dining room is the important place to eat, all in the choice of lamps and lanterns, want to choose the warm color tone can promote appetite lamps and lanterns. And the appearance modelling of lamps and lanterns can be selected according to the shape of the table. As installation height appropriate square table top for the chandelier, and well deserves to go up the chimney. If a table is a circle, in addition to the outside is installed above the long term droplight, also try to install a ring concealed in the ceiling light as auxiliary light source. If the dining atmosphere is exquisite, can choose the bracket light of brightness can be adjusted freely as dining room lamps and lanterns. Four, kitchen lamps and lanterns of the kitchen, people pay more attention to use functional actually, does not occupy a space to lighting, so the kitchen lamps and lanterns as far as possible don't make it too fancy dress, bring the ambry of lamps and lanterns should choose itself. From the consideration on the energy saving, don't put too much lamps and lanterns. Generally do not use the dome light, because it is not concentrated, only astigmatism, so should not be installed in the kitchen. Five, the lamps and lanterns of wei yu wei yu, first of all see light levels. Between wei yu is more suitable for incandescent lamp, and is not suitable for energy-saving lamps. This is because, the lamps and lanterns of wei yu used generally shorter, switch frequency. But incandescent lamp starting speed, shorter time, energy consumption is limited. But under the condition of energy-saving lamps in winter room temperature is low, light open time is short, hadn't completely achieve the brightness and then closed, energy-saving advantages. In addition, the color temperature of incandescent light yellow, can give a person the feeling of warm, meet the demands of bathroom especially winter bathroom to keep warm. Secondly, on the modelling of lamps and lanterns in appearance between wei yu is better suited to absorb dome light or wall lamp. Absorb dome light close to the ceiling, does not occupy a space, easy to use; Wall lamp is suitable for wei yu. Wall between wei yu the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns should pay attention to moistureproof, waterproof function. The modelling of wall lamp, generally avoids the water vapor to the damage of lamps and lanterns. Six, the door porch porch, is the place where an enter a door in shoes, seemingly insignificant, but it is real 'facade' every family, the arrangement for the entire household to take to person's 'first impressions are most lasting impression is play an important role. So for different room decorate what kind of lamps and lanterns, the most suitable at this location, it should be able to achieve a master lighting effect, can have certain positioning style lamp products. If home have seven, study, study, then, for the study to choose collocation also is not a set of lamps and lanterns, the study in addition to need a lamp lighting lamps, desk lamp is also a little not! The study is the important place to work and study, therefore, in the choice of lamps and lanterns must make the pledge that we shall have enough reasonable reading lighting. For people who often writing desk, should have a desk lamp on the desk lamp as local lighting, so both the professional and beautiful space. Lamp act the role ofing suggest that we do not use direct lighting, the study can find a place near the ceiling indirect light source. Because indirect lighting can avoid direct light visual glare caused by the damage.
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