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Lamp installed in different positions require different styles

by:Longjian     2020-08-30
Lamp is indoor soft outfit design adornment lamps and lanterns, general design for the bulb power around 15 a 40-watt more, the light quietly elegant and harmonious, can have the projection and a variety of effects of shading light, can adorn the environment elegant, rich artistic breath. In a large area of color background on metope, design a visible wall lamp on the ornament, give a person with elegant and pure and fresh feeling. Here, the dome light into a wall lamp. Floor lamp can be projected on the different levels of light, to present the decorative pattern of the region color and soft outfit design features. At the same time, its itself is an independent and strong illuminant, can be used for reading, it can be used as a portable additional light source, light is also very close to the sun, so is the soft outfit design ideal of reading light source in the choose and buy. Local lighting lamps and lanterns, lamp is a kind of very high brightness, good color rendering, spot light, luster, shadow and the expressive force of material sense is very strong, so it display lamp used for stage and showrooms, and with the people to be resided to the home environment decoration art, improvement of characterization, shoot the lamp has been cleverly into the household soft outfit design. The bedroom is bed rest place, select the original lighting brand to be warm, quiet, comfortable for the theme. Try to avoid bright lights or use strange complex modelling of lamps and lanterns, also cannot too dark, lest bring depressive feeling. May, when necessary, with several more lamp, absorb dome light, desk lamp, floor lamp, bedside lamp, etc. , can be adjusted freely, mixed use, a few switch control, convenient and can meet different needs. The restaurant's original lighting brand choice is mainly to build a warm and bright effect, so the position of lamps and lanterns in the table above. In addition, can also warm color of the wall lamp on the table near the wall configuration, build romantic atmosphere.
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