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Lamp act the role ofing _ zhongshan sitting room curtains

by:Longjian     2020-09-18
Depth of dry goods | the choose and buy of the sitting room curtain skill and notice the living room is the place that reception guests, family activities, the public areas is very important in the space, want to create a more perfect integral effect, soft outfit arrangement is, of course, can not be ignored. In daily life, the credit of the curtain is to protect individual privacy and shading, but don't underestimate its adornment effect, beautiful curtains not only can enhance the visual perception of space, but also a good foil whole decorate a style, create a comfortable feeling, have the effect that make the finishing point. Then, sitting room curtain how should choose? Curtain of sitting room of choose and buy what are the considerations? Might as well come with me to know! Sitting room curtain should be according to the color of the sitting room background wall and floor, for colors, the color of the curtain should as far as possible and sitting room environment mutual collocation, so the final effect looks very harmonious. If the home is the French window of the sitting room, the daylighting of the sitting room should be considered at this time, otherwise such a good landing large window frittering it's original functions, daylighting is good, sitting room looks warm, very warm, can choose light color of white gauze and shading curtains match with each other, so that we can both. Curtain of sitting room also should choose according to the style of the decoration, if domestic outfit is contracted style, you choose a curtain of Europe type style, it won't work well, what kind of what kind of decorate a style to match the curtains. If an outfit for log wind, the white wire netting and its collocation is the most appropriate, the collocation of some green plant near the ornament of the curtain, the sitting room appears pure and fresh and natural, more the feeling of many sen, feel the nature of the situation. How to choose 1 living room curtain. Curtain of general principles as soft outfit, play the role of the general, the design should be solemn, colour shoulds not be too flower, general is given priority to with capacious and bright. The curtain style increasingly rich. As long as grasp the principle of the curtain, it is not difficult to find the right shade. 2. Color selection according to the adornment style, choose the corresponding color. Such as: dark curtains, to the grave, the visual effect of the atmosphere; Light cloth is better, can build a fresh, comfortable and contracted the feeling of warmth. The curtain color can choose with sofa collocation. For example, an Italian white sofa, might as well use pink or green cloth. 3. Material selection to create a summer cool and refreshing household environment, suggestion is given priority to with soft cloth; Want to build luxury household environment, atmosphere, suggestion is given priority to with silk fabrics, different materials have different advantages. 4. Pattern of design and color design and color coordinated with bedroom photograph, according to whole sitting room decorate a style to order. Curtain of sitting room of choose and buy attention c2: choose: 1, according to the sitting room east to the window, give a person the feeling of warm, can choose the organ shade of pervious to light quality, silk soft power, etc. Toward the south, and west inclined window, the light is hot, the vertical curtain should choose light insulation function, the organ or pleated blinds, etc. North to the window, the light is bad, can choose light color curtain, have the feeling of enlarge a space. 2, no matter what choice pattern of the curtain, should grasp and lively, the principle of simple but elegant. To pay attention to the coordination and interior, and combined with the elements such as lighting, can enhance the overall sense of cohesion. 3, bright color can make little space is wide. Color collocation is proper, if colour is too miscellaneous, will give a person the sense of clutter.
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