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Lamp act the role ofing _ zhongshan Nordic droplight _ duplex droplight sitting room

by:Longjian     2020-09-24
Double entry building the droplight of the sitting room, how should choose? Nowadays especially popular type double entry building house, the most of them are young people to buy, then decorate it sure, unlike a normal house, so, let us go to targeted data access only to master some of the things, to help you decorate it and make it like the appearance, so what is the sitting room decorate gist for double entry floor, compound floor of sitting room how to choose droplight everyone don't know. How to choose droplight sitting room double entry floor? 1, European classical style droplight, inspired by the ancient people's candle lighting style, when people say that on the suspension of wrought iron placed several candles, now a lot of droplight is designed in this fashion, just speak the candle to change a light bulb, but the light bulb and bulb seat or a candle and the candle. 2, there are several types of crystalline light, natural crystal -cutting modelling droplight, heavy lead crystal blow plastic lamp, low lead crystal chandeliers, crystal glass mid-range modelling droplight, etc. Crystalline light on the market at present mostly made from imitation crystal, but used by imitation crystal material is qualitative different, good quality of crystal lamp is made of high-tech materials, and some shoddy crystalline light even with plastic as imitated crystal material, smooth shadow effect nature is very poor. So, when buying must carefully, carefully identify. 3, the appearance of classical Chinese style pendant lamp, bright, bright light gives a person with enthusiasm the joyful atmosphere, and Chinese style design and will tell those who make public blundering guest, this is one of the traditional family, note: specifications, style of lamps and lanterns should be matched with the sitting room. Also if you want to highlight the screen and decorations, you need to add to shoot the light. 4, European noble gorgeous, looks everybody's atmosphere, the sitting room condole top is more suitable for double entry floor droplight, because only double entry building height can meet European noble gorgeous don't seem so vulgar, and also won't because of too many ornaments hung down to make a room seem very boring. But also has its disadvantages, that is difficult to clean such european-style condole top, because of decorative glass tubes winding, is easy to fall dirt and can't often wash, so suggest that we need to wash choose professional cleaning company condole carries on the careful cleaning. Double entry building and ordinary homes have different places, so decoration also can not be mixed, the above article speak for a moment, what are the main points double entry building sitting room decorate, of the house, to tell you in the empty place with articles with, in addition, also from the article to know how to choose the double entry building droplight sitting room, choose from the style of the sitting room when you need to consider.
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