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Lamp act the role ofing _ zhongshan lamps wholesale

by:Longjian     2020-09-19
Lamps and lanterns collocation skill, make your home a new lamps and lanterns is indispensable in modern household items, also can build a good family atmosphere. But now there are many different kinds of lamps and lanterns on the market, make a person dazzling, choose lamps and lanterns has brought some trouble to you, when we are in the lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, had better be according to the style and features of different places to customise collocation, so, what lamps and lanterns to decorate a different room? Let's learn together. 1, the door porch place, as you know, porch, is the place where an enter a door in shoes, seemingly insignificant, but it is real 'facade' every family, the arrangement for the whole household brings a person can be said to be the 'first impressions are most lasting impression plays an important role. So for different room decorate what kind of lamps and lanterns, the most suitable at this location, it should be able to achieve a master lighting effect, can have certain positioning style lamp products. In addition, according to different size of porch, also should choose different types of lamps and lanterns, had better use the tube light, such as the narrow scope and spacious if porch, then recommend the lights use master at the same time, may wish to consider the collocation of a few auxiliary light source to help carry bright, adorn the living environment, more common auxiliary light source such as to shoot the light spot is a very good lighting lamps and lanterns type in a particular area. 2, restaurant in general, most people in the restaurant choice lamps and lanterns, usually in comparison to see it in the dining atmosphere effect, based on the requirement, different room decorate what kind of lamps and lanterns is the problem when you meet the restaurant lamps and lanterns of the light is soft, sweet is the very important think standard. So, it is recommended that you try to buy easy to adjust the brightness, and light color is warm color to move products to decorate the restaurant. 3, the sitting room as a family visitor important place, here the lamps and lanterns of choose are often more exquisite, and many owners in asking what kind of lamps and lanterns, the room that decorates the different of the sitting room lamps and lanterns collocation knowledge is the most attract them. Similar to the porch place of the lamps and lanterns use rules of large area, here is generally goes through two kinds of lighting the way for decoration. For example, most designers will advice as to the dome light, in the whole space of the sitting room with the ornament of wall lamp or floor lamp to play a role. 4, the bedroom decorate what different room lamps and lanterns, nature cannot little bedroom the important place. Have a quiet, peaceful, sweet leisure space, is each person's goals and desire. It would need to avoid light beam, with warm color as far as possible the lighting combine to build the wall of the plain and elegant. 5, the kitchen kitchen area is small, usually with a 25 to directly 40 tile ceiling lighting, that is, absorb dome light. But it's better to install a cheap operation above the hearth, ambry below can also be of some local lighting, increase the intensity of illumination work station. Should choose waterproof, dustproof, prevent oil, easy to clean the lamps and lanterns. Above is the information about the lamps and lanterns collocation techniques, different lamps and lanterns to decorate the effect, if the lamps and lanterns didn't match well, will also be a indoor decoration failure, want to share today can help to you.
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