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Lamp act the role ofing _ zhongshan European wall lamp _ zhongshan lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-09-17
Wall lamp should be how to choose and buy? Great Wall lamp style inventory wall lamp is a common household lighting lamps and lanterns, the appropriate style of wall lamp is mutual set off, and the overall home environment now style of wall lamp is on the market segmentation, what style of wall lamp has? Take a look at below style of wall lamp large inventory ~ what is the style of wall lamp? 1, Chinese style wall lamp, used the traditional Chinese design and production of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, the delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork on solid wood, color is given priority to with brunet. 2, rural wall lamp: rural style of wall lamp, get the simple and noble complement each other, reasonable use can make whole household space reflects a strong cultural atmosphere, make the room very have lasting appeal. 3, crystal wall lamp, modern young generation of the family, lamp act the role ofing of choose and buy when most people are like the crystal wall lamp, it add a reiki with through simple household space, of course, ornate crystal bright also often give a person a kind of grand and elegant visual feeling. 4, european-style wall lamp: European style of wall lamp often with representatives of the decoration application in the British royal family, originated in the 1980 s and 90 s to enter the Chinese domestic, nearly two years to be used in home decoration industry, mainly used in the senior clubs, hotels, villas and other decoration on the type of work, which European style elegant aristocratic. 5, modern wall lamp, modern fashion style and full of individual character, the design of modern wall lamp is not exceptional also, it will use a variety of colorful flowers element decorate the bedroom of the awaken of spring is abundant, and in the decoration of the head of a bed a lamp that elegant radian modern wall lamp, make the bedroom of spring more show elegant and romantic. Wall lamp series, how to choose and buy? Compared with the lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp is arguably one of the more commonly used lamps and lanterns. Since the commonly used, you tell me the skills of choose and buy of the wall lamp, then what is when the choose and buy must consider? Lamp act the role ofing remind you that the following details must not fall. 1, check the quality of chimney wall lamp shade is very important, generally made of glass, the chimney of buy wall lamp to see it light penetration is good, if you have any design or color lampshade surface, should coordinate with other furniture at home want to. 2, check the light brightness soft wall lamp light is needed, a degree is proposed, less than 60 watts advisable, big power consumption, easy to heat, power in the open for a long time less safe. 3, consider the household space if need to install the wall of the space is lesser, so wall lamp to choose concise and compact, space is large, if the home can choose a bigger size wall lamp, concise air, best can also be installed at the same time, of course, other lamps and lanterns, such as lamp, droplight, etc. Wall lamp is suitable for installation in what place? As the adornment of the big indoor heat lamps and lanterns, wall lamp or pretty big, the advantages of its light is compared commonly quietly elegant and harmonious, adorn the interior elegant, warm. Meditation is under the wall lamp, as time flowing in the fingers, that kind of experience is very beautiful the dalai. So, the wall lamp is suitable for installation in what place? Like wall lamp dear friends may wish to aim for the indoor places: 1, the head of a bed which most people would choose the installation location, can not only meet the needs of reading, and the chief use for delight, choose the lamp holder can adjust the direction, your bedside wall lamp will play a greater charm. 2, corridor, or sitting room both the location of the wall lamp is mainly used to assist illume, installation height should be slightly higher than eye level. The master that has grade will give it with a beautiful wall box, or a pair of intriguing murals. 3, before the mirror in front of the mirror of the bathroom, bedroom to install a wall lamp is indispensable, when installation lamp holder downwards, brings very much convenience to the daily grooming. 4, restaurant in addition to the house that occupy the home, dining-room also is very suitable for installation of wall lamp, small family restaurant in metope installed a few wall lamp, create a warm comfortable dining environment, business will be red.
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