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Lamp according to the template parsing art the spare part on the edge grinding machine grinding

by:Longjian     2020-10-23
Actually the design color. Are all made from pieces of colored glass welding effect, first of all, basic materials: colored glass. This glass is not what we see in the glazier monochromatic common glass. These stained glass is a glass craft design and creation, according to the different colors of glass and mixing raw materials, to suppress a variety of, into a natural pattern of art glass. This is art lamp need an important raw material. Some glass effect is according to the special needs of art lamp designers to a specially made. It needs often cost is very high! With this material, art creators often according to the glass lamp, design the modelling of lamps and lanterns, pattern, and so on. Glass is made according to the need of the art lamp. When designers design suitable for glass cutting, stitching design later. According to the actual size of design, designers set out one by one glass of template. Again with the template according to the requirements of the designers of color, the color glass cutting into a glass with the same size as the template. If it is found that when cutting or have size error, then the glass based on template to put the spare part on the edge grinding machine grinding. Based on the above work, an art of the lamp need pieces of glass are formed, the edge of glass package again on the viscosity of the copper foil, according to the shape of the lampshade, pattern. With soldering welding into the chimney of a solid. Is after cleaning, surface treatment and solder. Thus formed a complete chimney, and good art lamp chimney, actually is to perfect combination of design and glass colour. Rely on basic insulation as protection against electric shock - - Only by wire PVC insulation. Basic insulation failure (one thousand Wire breakage: such as broken skin, while crossing the line) Leading to accident getting an electric shock, fire hazard. Had to rely on environment protection against electric shock.
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