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Kitchen lamps and lanterns collocation tips, simple and practical __ zhongshan lighting atmosphere

by:Longjian     2020-09-28
Kitchen lamps and lanterns collocation tips, simple and practical kitchen space atmosphere of lamps and lanterns are practical and beautiful degree of the two elements. Practicality is the time to consider operation is cooking in the kitchen space should have enough light, will not affect the cooking cooking obscured to the light of operation; Mainly from the consideration on the life aesthetics and beautiful degree, under the guangzhou lighting to share some of the classical collocation of lamps and lanterns of the kitchen ~ a, tube light for not with smallpox of aluminous gusset plate, but with the plasterboard do kitchen design, the whole is relatively flat kitchen smallpox smallpox can choose embedded inside the tube light, so concise design effect is more suitable for some of the literature and art, contracted class kitchen collocation among young people. Second, embedded condole type hutch defends lights embedded in the ceiling lamps and lanterns, the compact design fits lampblack larger kitchen space, is a kind of practical design. Three, droplight droplight is suitable for the kitchen, some do not the top because the height under the condition of larger, if lamp is installed too high, so the light shone easy to condole ark cover of metope, droplight words can lower the height of the lighting lamps and lanterns, allowing more light to the operating table, with a bright cooking space. Four, hidden lamp with smallpox in the kitchen lamps and lanterns, if you have install condole ark, then wash the cut in the work station when cooking, may be condole ark or their bodies blocking the light. In this case, the ambry with hidden at the bottom of the lamp design, it is very practical, and such collocation also is appear very have administrative levels feeling. Five, absorb dome light, dome light is suitable for the open kitchen, do not have the top this kitchen day flowers usually is consistent with dining-room sitting room, the ceiling mount absorb dome light is the most concise atmospheric. Six, track light rail lamp is also suitable for some of the open kitchen, put a string on a track of shoot the light, can make the light focus on some key operating area, also let a kitchen light and shade is clear, rich layers. On the basis of meet the basic demand of daily, can achieve more elegant and comfortable living environment at the same time, who will choose to refuse to? Above is the guangzhou lighting case sharing about kitchen lamps and lanterns collocation, which one do you prefer?
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