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is porcelain tile safe to use inside of a fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-04-01
The brick in the fireplace is usually not beautiful, andit-
You may consider covering the bricks with tiles yourself.
However, this is not a suitable use for tiles.
After withstand the heat inside the fireplace, the tiles are sure to break down as the fireplace cools down and may even explode.
Install any type of tile in the fireplace-
Even durable, dense tiles-
It was a very bad idea.
The tile company produces tiles and tiles marked with \"heat resistant\" labels.
\"This type of tile is perfect for applications with fireplace that can withstand hot items in the kitchen.
However, the term \"heat-resistant\" does not apply to the interior of a fireplace with a temperature far exceeding the heat
Patience of tiles.
National and international building codesheat-
Compliance materials for the construction of fireplaces.
Introduction of any non-
Special Materials in the fireplace.
Therefore, installing tiles in the Longjian fireplace violates the building code. Special high-
The temperature brick with refractory cement installed, called \"refractory brick\" or \"refractory brick\", is the only material suitable for the interior of the fireplace.
Refractory bricks and other refractory materials can withstand temperatures of up to several thousand degrees Fahrenheit.
Tiles cannot withstand high temperatures in the Longjian fireplace.
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