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Is it safe to the fireplace, how to safely use it

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Use the fireplace, fireplace, it is thought that fuels it is very safe. Does not produce any toxic or harmful substances, burns smokeless ash free, do not need to install any special air vents or chimney, just placed in a well-ventilated room can enjoy the warmth and beauty. But, after all, belongs to the fireplace, fireplace flame is real, if use undeserved, also can produce dangerous, so be sure to use specification. Below is the safe usage of fireplace rules: 1, fireplace and burner will be hot when operating, if not cool for at least 15 minutes, there is the danger of burns. 2, unless cooling at least 15 minutes, do not add fuel into the flame burner or water tank. 3, it is important to note that when adding fuel adding amount, would rather not fill in, they could not overflow. 4, add after, must remember to clean up the spilled liquid on the fireplace panel. Any fuel burning tank outside the uncontrollable risk may be produced, leading to can't control the flame. Overflow after cleaning, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before ignition. 5, don't put any flammable materials within fireplace 40 inches, at least 80 inches away from the Windows or curtain. 6, don't in TV, painting or shelf under the overhang items such as combustion. Don't smoke when handling fuel. 7, can only be used in a well-ventilated room, adjacent room door open, don't stop the process air convection. 8, can only use the approved ethanol fuel for the filling of the fireplace. 7, do not use fuel stored in the same area as the fireplace. 8, fireplace away from children, clothing and furniture. Other fireplace and fireplace, when using, need to strictly abide by the safety regulations and pull out all the safety problems, so that can ensure safety. In this paper, by Ivan fireplace arrange release!
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