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Inventory lamp decorate a style

by:Longjian     2020-09-04
Lamp act the role ofing is looks not outstanding, in the furniture of position is small, but it is the best line in a furniture layout, and the family decorates a style to match appropriate lighting will make the whole home Yu Yu unripe brightness, so we should attach great importance to the choice of lamps and lanterns, when decorate in choice of lamps and lanterns. The lamps and lanterns are divided into which categories? Original lighting brand up out of the lamp decorate a style to take stock. Chinese style lamp, and the model of traditional exquisite symmetry, excelsior compared Chinese style style, Chinese style lamp also pay attention to colorific contrast, pattern is clear more painting, such as intention, longfeng, Peking Opera mask, such as Chinese style element, emphasize the feeling of classical and traditional cultural charm. Chinese style lamp adornment is given priority to with hollow out or wood carving, more peace of primitive simplicity. The imitation sheepskin line downy lamplight, tonal warmth, put in the home, give a person warmth, quiet sense. Imitation sheepskin lamp is mainly composed of round and square. Circular lamp is mostly chandeliers, since the effect that make the finishing point in the home, square imitation sheepskin lamp is given priority to with absorb dome light, more peripheral match with all kinds of fencing and graphics, of primitive simplicity is elegant, concise and easy. American lamp: compared with Europe type lamp, lamp American doesn't seem to have too big difference, its material is consistent, American lamp still pay attention to the classic feelings, just on the style and shape is relatively simple, concise and easy appearance, pay more attention to the leisure and comfort. The material like the Europe type lamp. Modern lamp: contracted, alternative, the pursuit of fashion is the characteristic of modern lamp. Its material with metallic aluminum, commonly used alternative, such as the breath of glass in appearance and is given priority to with alternative technique of expression on modelling, tonal go up in the majority with white, metallic, better suited to match with contracted and contemporary adornment style. European-style lamp, and emphasize the luxuriant adornment, strong color, elegant modelling reach elegant adornment effect of the European decorate a style, european-style lamp pay attention to the curve shape and colour and lustre is gorgeous. Some lights will rust, black paint intentionally create a mottled effect, such as the pursuit of imitation of the old feeling.
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