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Introduction to the LED lamps and lanterns is the life of the test standard and methods

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
Standards and test methods for the success of any new technology is critical. Not only because they can ensure safety, but also because you can by obtained consistency in the identification of product performance and make the industry consensus and form a fair competition. Standards and the lack of detection method will let all participants confused, also has been one of the bottleneck of the LED industry development. LED products is an important reason for the popularity is its energy saving and life factor, energy saving is very easy to see, and the life of the test has been let the industry in a quandary. Because of the lack of standards, often see claims 50000 or even 100000 hours in the market of LED products. Currently, the illuminating engineering society ( IES) , the United States electrical manufacturers association ( NEMA) , the national standard lighting group ( ANSLG) , the American national standards institute ( ANSI) And the national institute of standards and technology ( NIST) , underwriters laboratories ( UL) And the international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) , the international commission on illumination ( CIE) As well as the Canadian standards association ( CSA) To promote the standard of research and development. Recent standards of the more important is the IES TM - news The publication of 21 files. This is the illumination engineering society technical committee after years of efforts to develop test methods. TM- 21 LED products lumens maintaining rates can be inferred, that light LED light output after different time. TM- 21 is very important, its importance is reflected in: LED life could be more than 50000 hours, much longer than traditional lighting, has been testing exactly is unrealistic, because for too long, and probably in his life had been eliminated, and the LED will not directly go out like other light sources, LED light failure is very slow, LED the 'dead point' where, now is it the topic of discussion. In order to better understand the TM - The importance of 21, we first review the LM - And LM - 79 80. LM - 79 is to integrate the control circuit and the radiator LED products for electrical and photometric method, covering the total luminous flux, electric power, efficacy, chromaticity and brightness distribution measurement. Through the LM - 79 to calculate the initial performance of the whole lamp. But LM - 79 does not involve product reliability and life of the measurement. LM - 80 test is LED encapsulation, array under different temperature and the rate of the lumens maintaining module, test at least 6000 hours, in every 1000 hours, for advanced, suggested test 10, 000 hours. But even if test 10, 000 hours, also far short of most LED products on the market claim to life. TM- 21 can light up the estimate the test time in relatively few amount of lumens maintaining after different time, make up the vacancy of an important performance test, it is extremely important. However, TM - 21 only covers LED encapsulation, arrays and module test, other components will be affecting the service life of lamps and lanterns, such as driving, thermal management and encapsulation, if these are taken into account to be more meaningful. But what is undeniable is that TM - 21 is a very great progress. 'L70 / B50' can be replaced by selective and a new revision on the LED lamps and lanterns 'proposal' before life test. 'Proposal' recommended 'L70 / B50' method, namely the measurement when 50% of the light output of the product decreased lower than the initial value is less than 70% of the time, this also is the life of the LED lamps and lanterns of standard definition. But as a result of using a standard method to determine the L70 / B50 numerical time-consuming and expensive, 'the proposal' in this way: in the United States energy department of the Lighting Facts on the label, can use lumen attenuation, product warranty or accelerated test estimation values of one or more life to replace the original 'life' project. LM - 82 light engine test finishing LM - is about to complete 82 is also a useful test method, the test item is light engine. Light engine is a modularization device, composed of LED light source, the driver and heat sink. Light engine for lamps and lanterns design provides a more modularization method. Light engine test results under different temperature can be applied to multiple lamps and lanterns, for the whole industry reduces the complicated degree and the cost of the test.
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