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Introduction to the fireplace feelings

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
As depicted in a complete works 'Wu Youru drawing illustrated, the traditional residence in Shanghai in the late qing dynasty, women taste a western food at home, and the background a western-style fireplace, scenes like this in itself is full of metaphor, from Shanghai to outside things never is compatible with and accept. We take today's Shanghai office and residential space in the fireplace under the case as, which as the epitome of Shanghai fireplace applications now, it reflects one aspect of Shanghai multicultural, compared to traditional fireplace in the form of old Shanghai villa villa, this case and set off a new life in the new era and the traditional foreign life not how clever confluence, reflect new several sea evening pragmatic innovation, open and flexible features, the more we provide real life concept and practical reference to the template. I has long been a favorite of electric fireplace, every time sitting on the hearth, my thoughts will be very active, will think of a lot. I remember when I first think of President Roosevelt's famous fireside talk, President Roosevelt radio interview in front of the fireplace, to shorten the distance the President and people, and since then the previous President of the United States' fireside talk 'traditional was created. Why is specifically mention the fireplace in the background? Because I want to officially fireplace in the west is every family some things, hearth communication, dine is the boss of the most common surname life scenes. The fireplace actually became the symbol of a cordial, warm and friendly, so in the west of the public, government agencies, important occasions in the reception of the ambassador. Wall such as can be seen. Whether it's about the family or a state, 'hearth to dress up as the most common economic sink a few scenes before I have had the very big enhancement, people began to word meaning and pay attention to the quality of life, many people like installing electric fireplace in the home, especially in Shanghai, the fireplace is more common now.
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