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Introduces a lamp development trend of modern art

by:Longjian     2020-09-01
First of all, the light of modern art design has not only for simple lighting, landscaping products, more important is to use technology, through the reasonable design of the structure and function of lamps and lanterns, to meet the actual demand and bring the performance of the light source. The development of modern lighting technology and the appearance of new material, new scientific and technological achievements, and people of various lighting principle and the research of using the environment, greatly enriched the expressive force of modern lamps and lanterns of lighting environment and its unique artistic charm. Lamps and lanterns is therefore presents some new development trends of modern art. Light of modern art design, from the perspective of the lighting effect first commonly, use computer aided design, the intensity of illumination and light distribution curve to calculate lighting places after the structural design, product design is a graphic designer, after make modern art lamp on the premise of meet the requirements of product function, the outward appearance modelling beautiful, comfortable, durable as much as possible. Now has three system continuously in the whole LED market competition and development: one is the semiconductor industry, using chip technology killed in, first in encapsulation device occupy the market, and then began to downstream seepage, forming capital merger and acquisition (m&a); Second, electronics manufacturing, its strong assembly capacity; The third system, from the traditional lighting to LED, before it's advantage is that there is a strong original design and made into process. Lighting and the big difference is that of lamps and lanterns, lighting design and machining more complex than the lamps and lanterns. In the past two years, along with the infiltration in the field of home lighting, LED light source the light of modern art market is also more vast. Design innovation, the pursuit of fashion is a major characteristics of modern lamp. The light source is given priority to with colorful variable LED lighting, adopts the metallic aluminum, wrought iron, and alternative breath glass and acrylic, etc. , on the appearance and style is given priority to with expression of individuality, tonal on majority with black and white color, metal color, more suitable for modern art lamp with contracted and contemporary adornment style. Turn on the light, the lights by gradually brighter. To turn off the lights, light from light turned dark, avoid the sudden changes in the brightness to stimulate the human eye, to the human eye as a buffer to protect his eyes. And mutation of the large current and high temperature to the impact of the filament, protect the light bulb, prolong service life. Modern art lamp in receive a visitor, watching TV, listening to music, or with his family, or think alone, even when tasting whiskey, adjust the brightness of the different lights, create a comfortable, quiet, harmonious, sweet atmosphere, light tone regulating function deeper experience of the life, the soft light can bring a good mood, little and dark light help thinking, much more warm and bright light makes the atmosphere. The operation is very convenient, hold down the local switch to move bright and dim light, also can use centralized controller or remote controller, only need to key, you can adjust the brightness of light and shade of light.
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