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Intelligent fireplace more intelligent, more convenient, more secure

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Intelligent fireplace is convenient to use, easy to maintain, installation is simple, suitable for hotels, hotels, bars, clubs, family villas and other indoor places to use. Below are the details of the product, interested friends can see. The characteristics: the mode of operation: key/wireless remote control power/fuel requirements: a reserve power supply, 220 v / 50 hz, 120 v / 60 hz, 2. 5 square line, 10 a socket, fuel 95% medicinal or edible, semi-automatic filling injection panel material: 3 mm / 304 stainless steel/brushed stainless steel accessories: color black and white pebbles ( Since the match) Ignition way: low pressure discharge ignition standard configuration: vibration and tilt protection, burning water level control, overheating protection, overflow protection,) L bh protection, temperature protection, automatic fuel tank liquid level tips, add the optional upgrade configuration: bluetooth, WIFI, prompt the water, fire protection, remote control cable, family intelligent control, computer control, carbon control, LCD control standard size: length 500 - 2400 mm, 240 mm, 250 mm deep technical requirements: cut grooves into the pavement to conform to the installation dimensions, the internal need to hollow out, and had the power and ventilation clearance warm prompt: 1, at the bottom of the fireplace right end groove inner hole reserved three eye w - 100 One 220 v ac socket. 2, install countertops and around the mouth of the cave suggest using stone material, refractory material such as stainless steel. More than 3, platform highly recommend greater than 300 mm. 4 more than 500 mm, the height of the reserved hole technical requirements. Above the fireplace is intelligence. More details welcome consulting fireplace!
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