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Intelligence is the lighting industry revolutionary node, LED lighting

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
Intelligent is the lighting industry revolutionary node of led lighting market in 2015 is the biggest change? Is the cause of these changes? I think the biggest change is the SSL solid-state lighting techniques have greatly the implementation of the conversion in the market. At the start of the year, with industry experts and scholars to discuss, it is generally not thought of this transition would be so fast. By June, from the market point of view, the domestic lighting market from the traditional lighting products to the transformation of the solid-state lighting products much faster than most people imagine, that is a very good thing. Where is the opportunity for the future development of lighting industry? LED industry depends on its technology first, technically, it is not only to provide lighting, at the same time can have a intelligent, digital products. As a mobile phone, before did not become intelligent product, it is only a simple communication function, become intelligent, there are a lot of new applications can be developed, lighting, too, I think it will be more and more intelligent, like the Internet to enter homes, in fact, in many areas have begun to realize, in the future, for the change of the lighting industry is a revolutionary impact. Tome of contemporary and contracted led intelligent lighting will also become increasingly intelligent and humanization, for people to create a best experience of light! Hotline:
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