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Installed to prevent trap opinion instead

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
A, blindly believe in the so-called 'big companies'. Several companies are most likely to win the trust of consumers, a is a country with some large building decoration enterprise brand of the company; 2 it is just a boast is the national qualification 'level 1', '2' company; Three is a great company of 'self' in the advertisement. When consumer is looking for these so-called 'big companies often have to suffer, so before decorate a company to determine it, be sure to look at the' hardware ': business license, qualification certificate, and to see the original; If is a big company subordinate departments, be sure to view original letter; Don't believe in copy, because the complaint is quite a number of fake, fake people in the company's business license and qualification certificate; Also look at how the size of its business premises, the quality of practitioners. With these security, the so-called 'big companies will trail. Second, the blind trust between example. Decorate a company to do one or a few between example, with consumers free to visit, many consumers see the very satisfied, after sign the contract on the spot, and decorate the consumers to find their own quality of the decoration and differs between example, cried yesterday. So when consumer is choosing decorate a company should not only see between example, more want to see the site. To look at the site of under construction, materials and semi-finished products such as well as the company's quality management, workers can be understand; Second, we must look at the completion of construction site, it can reflect the decorate a company to normal level, you can see the gap between the general site and sample. Three, credulous false advertising. Many to disappear assist and consumer complaints about decoration association, its decorate a company advertising complaints is one of the reasons for how good, to make their choice of the company, but in fact a misnomer and cheated. Therefore need to remind consumers that any company will ask professional personage to advertising planning packaging, can say any advertisement publicity is good for business. For consumers, when choosing decorate a company, not only depends on advertising, but also to investigation of the contents of advertisements, if accord with the actual can letter, otherwise don't believe it. Four, credulous acquaintance is introduced. Although this is an age-old question, but is still common. Some consumers in domestic outfit friends, acquaintances, finally decorate a company to 'kill the ripe, not only the price is high, the quality is poor, but also delay the time limit for a project. Once a dispute, acquaintance, friend, no matter use, consumers are very passive. So, consumer is in when decorating, as far as possible to find acquaintances, not friends, during the negotiation of decoration and design are identified. If you want to use an acquaintance recommended also can decorate a company, but also to the formal formalities, also cannot little, budget, contract drawings, can appear otherwise problem. Five, the figure is cheap: choose by quotation. Decorate a company in the home installs the quoted prices to consumers the most of the trap. Is plain code marks a price good decorate a company, will not easily slashed on price. Those who decorate a company to easily promised to consumers on the basis of the price cut by more than 20%, the company will certainly be on the material or process the other think 'way', or 'savings' materials or lower quality. Usually decorate a company to normal discount rate should be between 5% and 15%. In addition, the consumer must grasp the discretion when bargain, the price is not the cheaper the better, but should let decorate a company to earn profits reasonably, to ensure the quality of decoration engineering. Some consumers will seek advice to several companies at the same time, the final choice a decorate a company to offer the cheapest. At that time may think accounts for cheap, but in the end may also be deceived. Because there is difference between companies, scale, management, materials, technology level can affect the price, the lower the company offer is not the better. Six, too hasty: sign a contract is not careful. Many consumers with decorate a company after a dispute, only to find that didn't pay attention to decorate a contract, sign, so after a dispute, consumers are often in a very passive position. There is a very typical example, for example, in the formal decoration engineering contract, decorate company every day, delaying will be deduct 3% of the total project cost. Results decorate a company to change the project to the 'default pay party a 3% yuan, deliberately omitted' project total cost 'this five words. Results decorate a company to every day of missing, need to compensate consumers 3 cents. So even if decorate a company to undue delay time more than half a year, and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers is still not guaranteed. So the contract is valueless, consumers must be careful.
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