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Install the front of the fireplace several matters needing attention

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Install fireplace is also a big home, so before that some of the basic knowledge and note we need to develop, such as what types the fireplace? How to choose? Before installing needs to pay attention to? Below we together to learn more about it. What kind of fireplace are there? According to the different classification standards, fireplace can be divided into different categories: points: according to the flame simulation can be divided into the fireplace, fireplace, the flame of the former is true, the latter is a virtual simulation. According to the fuel points: can be divided into the fireplace, gas fireplace, biological pellet fireplace, fireplace, electric fireplace, and so on. According to the style points: have British fireplace, fireplace, French American fireplace and so on. According to the installation method: can be divided into embedded fireplace, detached fireplace. So, so many kinds of fireplace how to choose? We can understand the characteristics of the various kinds of fireplace advantage, on the basis of combinative oneself is actual needs and situation, choose the most suitable for their own fireplace. Such as if is like in front of the fireplace on the fire, listening to the crack, feel the movement of the original flame warm, so you can choose the fireplace. If you are greater than the practical demand for the appreciation of the fireplace, after is clean and environmental protection, energy saving and convenient, you can choose the electric fireplace, atomization fireplace. The fireplace before installation need to pay attention to? 1, fireplace installed in the activity room at most can maximize the thermal efficiency. If indoor floors high, can use the fan heat slowly spread to the active area. 2, automatic operation of the fireplace in order to form a complete set, in the final beside the installation location is ok before installation electric socket and wire connection box. 3, if it is double entry house, such as can placed the fireplace on the stairs turn platform, can make the heat spread to the upper room or the lower room directly, so as to achieve the goal of energy saving. 4, put the fireplace floor also need to do heat treatment. The different according to different products. Open fireplace need to load a very broad base and ashes of Mars. Set the oven door glass also want to consider the question of adjust the flame. 5, choose a suitable base, you can ask the dealer to help, use ceramic, marble and stone products are good options. Different styles of furnace will have a series of materials and colors for choice, to meet your needs. Above is the fireplace issues need to be aware of before installing. More information welcome consulting fireplace!
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