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infinity mirror wall lights

by:Longjian     2020-04-02
After making the infinite mirror clock and the infinite mirror candle holder, I decided to make the infinite mirror wall lamp.
This time, I decided to put the rear mirror at an angle so that I could get the effect of bending instead of putting the mirror in parallel.
This is actually the main reason why I started this project.
As an experiment, see how this will work.
Of course, I made a video and the video would be a better way to explain it because my English is not good!
Click on the picture below!
Let\'s take a look at the tools and materials I use in this project!
Tools: Materials: The first step is to grind the wood pieces so that we can have the basis for the work.
So I started to roughly cut the wood on the band saw and then gave them the final size on the planing bed.
The final size of each piece is 100x7. 5 x 2.
For each piece we need to cut two grooves, 0 cmFor.
One for the front mirror and one for the aluminum channel that holds the led strip.
My Mirror is 5mm thick so I cut a groove of 5.
My Mirror sits inside with a circular saw, 5mm wide and 10mm deep.
After several passes, my aluminium trough is 15mm wide and 10mm deep.
If you have different channel sizes, you can change them accordingly.
Print the supplied floor plan in a 1:1 ratio and see where the groove is on the wood.
Glue the aluminum slot in the slot using silicone.
It\'s time to cut all the pieces into length.
There are six lights in each, so we need 18 of these three lights.
Use any woodworking saw to cut wood and aluminum together.
The metal channel is very soft and most blades do not have any problems when cutting.
So 18 pieces were cut 14.
30 ° angle 5 cm long.
Print out the plan from the PDF file and use it as a template for cutting parts.
I used 5 for this version.
One-way mirror 00mm thick in front and an ordinary 3.
The mirror behind is 0mm.
Cut the part so that it fits inside the groove.
In fact, each side of the hexagon should be 0.
7mm wider than the interior size of the wooden hexagonal frame.
We need three one-way mirrors and three other conventional mirrors.
Glue the sides of the hexagonal frame together using wood glue.
After the glue is dried, the entire structure can be reinforced with a spline plate.
I didn\'t use any flower pillars on this building, but I think it would be better to use it.
I prepare the wood finish with 80, 120, 240 sandpaper.
Measure how long the led light strip will take and cut three pieces, one for each light.
The two of them welded two wires at each end. (+ and -).
On the third, weld two wires at one end.
We want to connect the led light bars in series.
Drill holes on one side of the wooden frame passing through the aluminum channel.
Then pass all the wires through the holes and send them to the outside of the wooden frame.
Place the plastic passage cover in place and test it.
Finally stick the rear mirror to the wooden frame with some neutral silicone.
Cut three pieces of wood. 0 x 4. 0 x 2.
5 cm and drill two 20mm wide holes on the back as shown in the picture above half of the wood.
Drill two 6mm holes in the wood from the other side.
Connect the led strip in series and cover the connection to the block of wood you made in the previous step.
Use some cable ties around the cables to prevent them from slipping through the holes and damaging the welding connection.
Fix the block in place with glue or two screws from inside the lamp.
Cover the mirror and cable with masking tape and finish the wooden frame.
You can make them painful, or you can use a clear lacquer.
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