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In those years, we overtake the original lighting brand

by:Longjian     2020-08-30
In recent years, with the improvement of original product protection consciousness, those are original patent infringement profit is acted the role of illegal manufacturers charge case plenty, infringing lighting manufacturers not only face a huge amount of fine, also a serious loss of the enterprise's own brand reputation. No lighting manufacturer own original works, except to spell the price with others, there is no competitive advantage in the lighting market, because some lamp act the role ofing 'tong' in the market prices are relatively transparent, no low, only lower. Manufacturers need to hold down prices, can only do 'hands and feet' on the quality. After the product quality is couldn't get on, can only be eliminated by the market. Lighting channel editorial and Chinese news media workers now visit lighting enterprise, every day is to deep excavations with original consciousness of high quality lighting source manufacturer, can give the source of these high quality manufacturer resources docking to lamp act the role ofing dealers customers in need. Because now the source of many high quality manufacturers are no outlets, so a lot to do this original quality lighting factory many time all unknown, just silently injected fresh 'blood' to the lighting industry. This kind of silent and cultivated and the spirit of dedication is very admirable. Do they understood original lighting brand enterprise, lighting industry development is now a day, due to the lighting spot platform, QQ, WeChat marketing such as marketing, marketing tool, to rely on the traditional 'to' bring traffic is no outlets; Even more traffic, if there is no one can hold the guest's original lighting products, traffic and price alone the sort of traditional marketing is gains little, and can be said to be in vain. Now lighting industry came to the product as a 'king' era, not belong to his own original lighting products, it is hard to foothold in the lighting industry, not to mention the subsequent development. Really high quality lighting dealers to no longer meet the past that kind of low price products, lamp act the role ofing dealers need is cost-effective lighting products, blindly pursuit of low prices, 'tong' products, will only damage lighting dealers have their own interests, is also very against the development of lighting store, although lighting sales ran, but profits are not because by low price 'mileage' up.
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