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In the Chinese style style is decorated in, how to choose Chinese style lamps and lanterns _ zhongshan lamp

by:Longjian     2020-09-22
In the Chinese style style is decorated in, how to choose Chinese style lamps and lanterns of Chinese style decorates a design and the use of the furniture of Chinese style and Chinese style lamps and lanterns, to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, the classical interpretation of classical aesthetics. In the article also highly recommend Chinese style decorates a style. Furniture, lamp act the role ofing, temperament style, can true reflect the aesthetic and cultural temperament of stylist and owner. In Chinese style lamps and lanterns is decorated in, always can have the effect that make the finishing point. In some part of the design, only by lighting can perfect show effect. So when Chinese style to decorate, must have necessary to understand, cannot careless careless, or you will have a big impact on overall style. The appearance of the Chinese style lamps and lanterns must with the sitting room size, style such as coordination, not style don't match. The second is to strive to elegant, simple, not blindly pursue luxury. Need special stressed the point, the sitting room is equivalent to a person's face in the housing, if the choice of lamps and lanterns is too flat, can let a person feel humble, if made too luxurious, that would certainly consider on the degree of matching furniture, as well as the visitor's experience. Also given is the lighting effects, such as brightness, color temperature, color rendering, etc. When selecting a Chinese style lamps and lanterns, we according to the size of the sitting room and the power to determine their own sitting room lamps and lanterns of exactly how much light to let a sitting room bright, after all, lighting is the most important function of lamps and lanterns. Is inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese style, Chinese style lamps and lanterns through dialogue with the modern trend of collision and the innovation. Therefore, new Chinese style, lamps and lanterns to embody a kind of all rivers run into sea tolerance and fusion of zhongtong harmony. Choose in Chinese style lamps and lanterns, also reflects stylist and owner of the expression of lifestyle and mastery of master emotion. Chinese style lamps and lanterns with modern people's aesthetic demand to make rich traditional styles of things, let the traditional art in today's society have to take suitable. With the confidence of the Chinese culture a renewed, more and more Chinese style lamps and lanterns of broke into our field of vision. Will China's traditional culture into the modern way of life, is undoubtedly a good interpretation of Chinese style design. In the Chinese style decorates a design, choosing appropriate Chinese style lamps and lanterns will let us in casual increased a lot of the cultural atmosphere in the bedroom. They not only can bring to people's life light, also has the perfect shape and decoration art, to people's life a lot of artistic enjoyment. On the Chinese style decorates a design, must go to the characteristics of different people's life and considering the requirement of use and interior decoration. In addition to ensure that has Chinese flavour is dye-in-the-wood, on modelling on the material is also to ensure that there are many Chinese elements: wood, bamboo, silk yarn, porcelain, lacquer, silk and so on are material in Chinese style lamps and lanterns. When you are in when immersed in a European style decoration, more and more friends choose Chinese style style. Chinese style style not only let the house design more dimensional administrative levels, and we live in the house is also feel very comfortable. Especially now as big social pressure, we face every day so much heavy life, work, if the home can enjoy a slow pace of life, a cup of tea, listening to music is also a taste. Chinese culture, of course, also need we passed down generation to generation.
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