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In northern wind lamps and lanterns and light life rituals are __ zhongshan lamp

by:Longjian     2020-09-24
Northern wind lamps and lanterns and light of life ceremony of the world we live in feeling, is so colorful, because of the light. The sun gives us light, temperature, is the power source of the normal operation of earth; Rely on the moon reflected the sun, the earth's slightly to illuminate the night, soft moonlight often appeared in the literature and film and television works, it represents the romantic, sad, sad mood; 24 hours a day, remove work, most of our time is spent in the home, the home is not only our body shelter, or are we the end-result of the soul. In this case, use the lamps and lanterns of elegant home lighting, build a warm and fashionable feeling must be a good choice. As a fan of boreal Europe style, now to introduce you to some of the lamps and lanterns of boreal Europe style, super cured. Dome light commonly used lamps and lanterns in the family decoration, as the main light source, as a kind of dome light, droplight plays an important role in the lamps and lanterns. We above pictures of several forms of lights is very contracted, lamps and lanterns line is simple, but enough to instantly catch your eye. Above the Nordic contracted style droplight is full of design feeling, elegant modelling with downy lamplight, when night comes, full of sweet feeling filled the room. The characteristics of the Nordic style desk lamp also meet contracted. Shape, boreal Europe style desk lamp by the lampshade, lamp, the base of three parts, simply enough, no more decoration and ornament; Lamp color, the Nordic style is used mostly white and black both northern European classical color, full of fashionable feeling. Lighting in the family in, the Nordic style floor lamp belongs to local lighting lighting, very suitable for watching TV and casual chat at ordinary times when open as auxiliary illuminant, floor lamp light is downy, does not hurt the eyes, but also can make the room look very halcyon, grace. Boreal Europe style floor lamp is concise and lightweight, easy to move, suitable for the sitting room, bedroom, dining room, study use. Nordic lamps and lanterns has long been impressed us is simple and easy, and it has elegant luxury space aesthetic feeling. On design of numerous design also many, actually choose suitable Nordic lamps and lanterns, the main is to see the beauty of the boreal Europe style lamps and lanterns, ornamental degree, fitness, and can better express the style of the house.
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