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In 2013, the U. S. professional fireplace, courtyard and barbecue equipment exhibition

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Start time: 2013 03 - 13 end time: 2013 - 03 - Held: the Orlando international conference and exhibition center in orange county touch people: Liao Yu culvert contact tel: 010 - 67732673 organizer: China light industry arts and crafts import and export chamber of commerce to undertake unit: China light industry arts and crafts import and export chamber of commerce exhibition overview: the professional fireplace, courtyard and barbecue equipment exhibition HPBExpo HPBA association, by the United States is the largest scale and influence in North America, fireplaces, ovens and garden products exhibition, held for more than 20 years, every year rotation host city and the pavilion. HPBA association ( TheHearth,天井 BarbecueAssociation) Beginning in 1980, is committed to promoting fireplaces, ovens industry market and product development in North America. Owns the most ovens and heaters industry members of the industry, including manufacturers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers representatives, decorate service company, etc. , the members of the products and services that cover all market in North America. Exhibition attracted 2012 professional and mass market retailers, distributors, service providers involved in building materials market, construction companies, supermarkets, DIY, decoration and other industries of 13000 professional audience to negotiate, clinch a deal the effect is striking at the scene. The industry is called the major events in the oven, heating industry trade. According to HPBA, the fireplace is the most popular in the American family furniture, currently has more than half of all families install the fireplace. The latest statistics show that the fireplace has become one of the consumers to purchase a new request. 90% of American households own private BBQ barbecue pits, and along with the social development, the change of lifestyle, there are more and more 'leisurelifestyle' and 'OutdoorLiving', outdoor leisure lifestyle has been rapidly in popularity, and become the one of the most popular leisure. The life of the need for outdoor leisure products manufacturing enterprises has brought the huge opportunity, $6. 2 billion) 。 Professional personage points out, this exhibition is to enter the north American market related businesses provide the most professional trade platform. In the blend of the fireplace, barbecue and super in the event of outdoor leisure industry, HPBEXPO exhibition must be the most professional, the largest indoor - North America Is suing life show, as well as related products enterprises in China successfully open the north American market a shortcut on the shop. As a domestic leading professional groups, I will continue to organize the Chinese enterprises to participate in Orlando HPBExpo in 2013 in the United States. Welcome exhibitors to participate! Exhibition range: fireplace heating: all kinds of outdoor/indoor gas simulation electric fireplace, fireplace, wood burning fireplace, decorative electric fireplace, fireplace equipment such as; Gas central heating, electric heaters, electric water heater, gas water heater, swimming pool water treatment systems, SPA equipment, sauna equipment. BBQ grill, BBQ barbecue, barbecue utensils, oven, stove, cooking equipment, BBQ accessories, kitchen facilities. Garden leisure products: garden facilities, vertical heater, outdoor gas heaters, sound system; Artificial waterfall fountain, sculpture, tents, outdoor furniture, leisure chairs, hammocks, tent, umbrella, beach chairs and other recreational facilities, outdoor camping leisure products, beach leisure series, camping equipment, garden equipment, wire mesh fence, garden equipment; Garden ornaments, garden plants, fertilizer and all kinds of lawn lamp, garden lamp garden lighting products and accessories. Other: ignition equipment and accessories, heating accessories, chimney, burning charcoal, consumables, auxiliary materials, fittings, equipment, power supply, switch, decorative items, furnaces fireplace system, fire protection technology and equipment, security facilities.
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