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If art lamp without aging for at least 24 hours will have the result?

by:Longjian     2020-09-10
Now many people at the time of purchase high-power lamps and lanterns of art, like I'm in a hurry to, in a hurry go, leave no regret! But lighting want to say is, in a hurry, don't be in a hurry! Not after 24 hours aging art lamp is a bit difficult to withstand test! As stipulated in the artistic lamp factory strictly speaking, the lamps and lanterns of the factory to pass more than 24 hours aging test, to ensure the normal use of lamps and lanterns. If art lamp without aging for at least 24 hours will have the result? In general for the most part just produce lamps and lanterns has complete function of its design and can be directly put into use, but why do aging test? Product quality theory tells us that failure occurs mostly occurred early and late, the end is the product of the normal life, unable to control, but you can control the early, can control within the factory gates, that is before the products delivered to the user's hands do aging test, nip problems in the plant, general normal manufacturer is doing just that. Lighting also often have a lot of customers are order is urgent, the goods time is very short, but in order to ensure the quality, lighting chose to work overtime to ensure the quality for the customer! At the same time also hope that the customers can understand our strict requirements to do aging test decision! Thank you for the new and old customer's support! In the night view of art lamp lighting planning, in the city to detailed history, current situation and development prospect of serious investigation, the key scenic spots, demonstrated in cognizance and then on the basis of the implementation. At the same time, the city night view lighting must also highlight the characteristics, exquisite taste. Light is a visual art, the visual effect of showing city characteristic is the soul of illumination. Therefore, style and taste is an important problem. Conforms to the landscape features, is rich in culture, there is a time spirit and noble elegant artistic style. To inhibit the landscape construction, advertising and other facilities, should be clean, make the landscape in harmony with the surrounding environment. In during the night view lighting construction, therefore, must be unified planning, choose accent lighting area and attractions, from a macro level prescribed illumination and lighting style, otherwise will not night view lighting the overall artistic effect.
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