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Humanistic ideas and household life of the bearing, I think should be the fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
That day after dinner, on a whim, I stared at the fire suddenly had a very interesting idea. If humanity and household need an orthodox tradition? So who will have the qualifications? Is a court massive rococo style? Or he screamed at the top of minimalism? Is a Chinese wind garden Bridges? Or the barn door metal wind loft young socialist? No, no, but all is again, to represent the humanities household art it, must have the ups and downs of long, has a short, have asked the university's wide, has a curious if thirsty, there are the classics, a novel biography, fame and humour. There are! How can I forget the fireplace? And I always think what objects or whatever the style, want to represent a kind of cultural ideas, all want to have a warm embrace of openness, and more should know that every city, every place folk want to express and carry meaning, not only attitudes and opinions, again there is a real actual effect and value. Rich sense of art and highly subjective objective impact on the fireplace as the carrier, to seek true coveted source. In my opinion, it is a kind of concept, a kind of want to 'high culture & the lowbrow' attributes carry on from the idea, we expect is a microcosm of life, the witness of memories in the family, for yourself, to family, give up the inheritance from love, a evidence can be retained in the world. Pay attention to these three words, yes is worthy of, can be worth to cherish, but also deserves to be with, with the furniture of this attribute carries the heritage, and I believe that nothing can compare with fireplace in this respect. It is a track of life's most need to be experienced, and is also the sum of the past, present and future, is limited to the space, but it can dig out humanity. After all, in front of the light and heat, the deep hole is no longer the darkness. I think good furniture works are certainly must suffered test history time polishing, it can be to change own some irrelevant to adapt to the time, but ultimately must be linked with the general environment, creating a resonance with yourself and coexistence with nature, with The Times common texture space. For these demands and contradictions, even only into the fireplace in the furniture field can be solved. Because the fireplace itself is art, so to express art itself, it is one of the eight art, traditional language originates from life but tell ( Here is not a typo) Life, I want to ask is what level of designer, must also is the focus of life itself, and it has not reached inside collect, not competing with day of fear, not with his persistent sensibility, since the peaceful place in quxi corridor, the Lin Ting waterside pavilion will time delivery.
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