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how to transform a floor lamp with spray paint and a lampshade

by:Longjian     2020-03-08
Do you like the practicality of the torchiere floor lamp, but hate to see it? Yes?
Well, I can get in touch.
Reluctantly, I bought one this year, mainly because I didn\'t want to spend a lot of money, and I really needed that little reading light/mission light that came with a lot of torchiere lights.
But let me tell you. -
A serious lack of style or class.
First of all, the pipe base is black, when side by side with my lamp
Its walls are colored and stand out like a thumb. (
You can also find the silver Longjian floor lamp, but you will pay twice as much. )
In addition, plastic cones-
The lampshade looks cheap and cheesy. *Materials -
Basic floor lamp ($9)(
I chose a dual purpose floor lamp with a mission light combination for $12. 99. );
Krylon Fusionfor plastic painting (around $6); lampshade (
Rose found a decent one for $2. 99)Time -
Paint Drying time 5 minutes (
Touch for 15 minutes and handle for 1 hour)
Thank you for reading!
You can see more on the exact same lights I purchased from Target.
Move your light to the well
Use cardboard or something below to protect the ventilated area of the grass, garage floor or anything below.
I used white paint from Krylon Fusion.
Move the jar slowly and steadily about 8 inch away from the light.
Occasionally shake before and between the spray tank.
By the way, it takes about 2 coats from black to white.
I think you should wait for it to dry between coats, but I\'m impatient. (
Note: Make sure to cover the bulb socket with tape before you start--
What I didn\'t want to do at first.
I also recommend that the painter wear a mask, but this is not a must. )Nice!
Much better than before.
I know what I\'m doing is all white, I might change if I\'m in a bad mood, but think about all the possibilities!
The paint is in the same color as the lampshade.
I chose pure white. it\'s a pity.
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