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How to solve the problem of art tail lamp not bright?

by:Longjian     2020-09-11
By simplifying lamp installation art, it is said that a new generation of art lamp connector with other art lamp can match performance, can provide a wider range of compatible art lamp, and stronger and reliable connection, the general line adapter to the integration of these simplified design. Be good on the market at present no weld connector, by creating a strong and reliable welding connection, aimed at resolving the art lamp installation long-term challenges. The connector eliminates the installation of black spots and light aperture, and connecting with the universal application of shovel type wire connection. Hollow out design, allowing its in high density art lamp significant point of tangency firmly lock the leds. Before, LED has entered the weld connector free markets. Its early prevent art lamp is fixed, and weak and unreliable connection, leading to failed to install or produce new artificial cost. Design solutions that LED to eliminate the gap and have black spots, connecting two art lamp to run continuously. Is the first allowed to run on the two art lamp, and implement the seamless connection in LED distribution of leading enterprises. Metope paint uneven will appear the phenomenon of irregular light, which we can use the installation box can be solved. Art lamp light Angle is 120 °, usually some lamp chamfer is too high, we cannot see art lamp light. , art can be light padding, make art on the lamp and lamp chamfer along the distance in a 4 - About 125 px is preferred, or the art lights on the side wall. If art lamp is too long, the tail brightness is not enough, you can use more powerful constant pressure drive, such as 6 m art lamp with 4 a electric equipment, guarantee the electrical appliances have enough margin, unapt cause waste; Can also change the way art lamp connected to solve the problem of the tail is not bright.
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