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How to satisfy the customer to choose their own modern lighting

by:Longjian     2020-08-25
The hall is the first impression that gives a person enter indoor, so be bright, should consider the position of lamps and lanterns is installed in the entrance and the deep interior of junction, can avoid the visitor is the shadow. The sitting room is the place where we receiving visitors in the home, usually adopts ceiling lighting design. If indoor height is too low, Less than 2. 6 m) , the choice of modern lighting or glass lamp shade of dewaxing parts is preferred; On the contrary, post-modern chandelier is better choice. If you want to install in the sitting room crystal droplight, the light should be off the ground at the bottom of less than 2. 2 meters. If it is double entry house sitting room for two storeys high, so the design of lamps and lanterns at least should not be less than the second floor. The choice of lamps and lanterns of the kitchen should be modern art lamp has scrub resistant performance standards. Top center adopts the waterproof and dustproof modern lighting, safe and easy to clean. Whether beautiful or security, must have a lighting above the kitchen counter. From the ground lamp should be placed in 1. The 70-8 m or away from the kitchen counter The location of the 85 cm. When it comes to security, modern outdoor lighting with a cover, so in the safety performance in the process of installation, selective, feel and function will become more and more diversified, it is obvious at the time. By the analysis of all the ideas of modern lighting technology in the process of science and technology, see the effect and the characteristics of safety, be assembling more and more on interests, caught security detail, think difference is bigger and bigger. Modern art lamp to tell you, from the perspective of modern lighting features, is gradually becoming more and more perfect, mastered the basic features and differences, all the design function of thinking to be more perfect, become caught one of the characteristics and requirements, believe in the essential points of the installation process to master more and more, all in all, must be in the process, to grasp the difference between each other, this will also be more professional when installation system, customer satisfaction for choice. The bedroom is the home of illicit close space, lighting should create a soft of three-dimensional atmosphere, decorative lamps and lanterns. Can use modern lamp as the main light source, setting wall lamp or light emitting lamp chamfer as decorative lighting tools, etc. Post modern lamps and lanterns ACTS the role of is a manufacturer of sweet words: don't above the bed decorative lamps and lanterns, it makes people uneasy. Restaurant is the place that the family meal, the main lighting with high color, high intensity of illumination, the characteristics of warm color to move. Often use chandelier or modern lighting. Dining room at the top of the lamp and should be 70 - between the desktop 85 cm distance.
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