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How to prolong the life of the fireplace? It does it get twice the result with half the effort

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Fireplace in a long time will be aging phenomenon, this is normal, but if we are in the process of use the fireplace at ordinary times attention to maintenance, pay attention to methods, still can prolong the service life of it. Next, this article is to introduce a few could prolong the service life of the fireplace to be aware of some, need friends ~ 1, fire would not burn look too quickly, control the temperature of the fireplace many friends mistook the fireplace fire to the more prosperous, the better, in fact this is wrong, because the more prosperous, fire fireplace internal temperature will be higher, and the temperature of the fireplace is must be controlled within a certain range, Specific please refer to the instructions) , if in excess of the prescribed temperature for long time, will not only affect the normal use of the fireplace, will also pose a safety hazard. 2, do not for a long time the incomplete combustion fuel combustion is not full, will deposit in the stove or chimney of creosote, it will affect the use effect of the fireplace. So, we must ensure that wood burning fireplace. So, how to judge the combustion insufficient filling? Can go outside to check the smoke from chimney is what appearance, if it is a smoke, that is abnormal stoves, wood or too much moisture. Because most of the fireplace sealing is very good, is can't see the smoke indoors. Every year 3, regular maintenance suggestion please manufacturer or professional personnel to repair and maintenance of the fireplace, to see if there are any more crack fireplace, stove and chimney connection is loose, whether have damage, fireplace seals are in good condition, and so on. 4, other considerations fireplace case tool, tough items must not be used as the impact friction. Fireplace shall not use strong acid alkali and other chemicals to clean, must not use wet cloth, so as to avoid damage to the body shell and shorten the service life, clean with dry cloth at ordinary times can. Fireplace glass cleaning wipe with paper sticky glue grey water at the same time, then use dry cloth to wipe clean. The above is to extend the fireplace life need to be aware of what time. More questions welcome consulting fireplace!
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