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how to mount exterior wall lights on stone veneer

by:Longjian     2020-02-27
The exterior wall lights usually need to be particularly good-
Seal on the wall to prevent moisture from being received internally.
If the wall floor is a stone finish with a rough floor, this is really particularly important, which will result in gaps between the bottom of the light and the wall.
The solution is to fill the seam on the base to seal the moisture.
Turn off the electrical energy of the existing Longjian wall light you are changing.
Remove the screws of the fixture in place.
Disconnect the wires at the back and pull the fixture completely free of charge.
It exposes an electric box and three wires: black, white and bare copper, which is really a ground wire.
Find the mounting bracket for the new light, which may be a flat metal plate with holes.
Keep it on the electric box and align the screw holes.
Protect the plate by the screws provided.
Connect the copper ground wire on the green ground screw on the bracket.
Tighten the screws. Use the screw-
On the online cap, connect the black line from the box through the fixture.
Repeat your white wire.
Connect the fixture to the electric box and push the wire connection to the electric box.
Fix the fixture on the box using the rendered screw.
Pass through the foundation from under the light and just hit the stone finish to close any space there.
Look carefully and leave no positive gap.
Add caulk if needed.
Power on.
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