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How to measure the stand or fall of lamps and lanterns, what are the standards?

by:Longjian     2020-10-03
How to measure the stand or fall of lamps and lanterns, what are the standards? One, from the appearance of lamps and lanterns to identify consumers to buy lamps and lanterns should be the first to examine the mark in the lamps and lanterns, whether it can meet the demands of their own use, tag is instructions for correct installation, use and maintenance of important basis, is to ensure that the personal property safety of important security requirements, security is the basic requirement of the safety performance of lamps and lanterns, the rated power is particularly important, such as a design for the lamps and lanterns of 40 w, because the marked rated power, the user is likely to 60 w and 100 w bulb, it may cause the shell deformation, insulation damage, even cause electric shock, and may cause fire, mark is one of the safety requirements, not to be sneezed at. Second, we should pay attention to product tag ( 1) Watch factory name and logo, type, rated voltage, rated power and so on is safe; ( 2) Plan to install in woodiness material on the surface of the dome light, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, choose lamps and lanterns of F symbol marking. Third, from differential protection against electric shock protection against electric shock should be paid attention to. After electrify use when screwing in bulb, lamps and lanterns, people do not want to touch live parts, don't get an electric shock danger. If I buy the incandescent lamps and lanterns, For example, droplight and wall lamp) , will light bulb installed, under the condition of no electricity, such as touch less than light bulbs with pinky on the lamp holder, is basic conform to prevent electric shock. If it is fluorescent lamps and lanterns, Such as embedded lamps and lanterns, fixed type lamps and lanterns) , see in the tube, starter, without electricity, such as touch live parts, with pinky, prevent to get an electric shock is largely in line with performance. Prevent electric shock is not in conformity with the general lamps and lanterns is adopted is not in conformity with the requirements of the lamp holder or live parts of lamps and lanterns is not caused by electric shock proof protection measures such as casing. Four, from the cross-sectional area of lamps and lanterns is used in the identification standard of lamps and lanterns with wires minimum sectional area of 0. 5 mm/square, some manufacturer in order to reduce costs, on products with wire cross-sectional area is only 0. 2 mm/square, under abnormal condition, such as fluorescent starting current of the circuit to jump up, the whole line is to start the current work, the starting current is larger than the normal working current, can make the wire burned, insulation short circuit occurred after burn, at risk. Identification of the method is: when buying can have a look at the lamps and lanterns on the outside of the wire insulation print some tags, wire cross-sectional area should be at least 0. 5 mm/square. Five, from the structure identification of lamps and lanterns, 1) Wire through the tube entrance should be no sharp edge, can be done in the metal pieces of the chamfering or sheath, in order to avoid cutting wire, metal parts charged, get an electric shock risk. ( 2) Desk lamp, floor lamp, such as portable lamps and lanterns should be the entrance of the power cord wire fixation role is: 1. Eliminating stress, in order to prevent wires under tension, on the terminal wire loss, caused by metal shell charged to get an electric shock; 2. To prevent the power cord back when touch the heating element, lest cause insulation layer melt line overheat, bare wire contact with the metal shell, shell charged and cause electric shock.
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