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How to make the development of the modern lamp?

by:Longjian     2020-09-02
Modern Nordic modern lamp is just one part of the architectural design of passive service. In market segmentation and operation level, many links are associated with architectural design unilaterally is divided into many industries. In fact, from the point of view of structure, they in the service of the whole building art and family culture. Lamp is a modern art is closely related to the architectural style and the trend of The Times of art. In classical, neoclassical and idyllic romantic categories and contemporary and contracted style, contemporary and contracted by many lighting welcome of consumer, because it keeps pace with The Times and is a blend of fashion trends. In recent years, the contemporary and contracted lighting has become a widely the pursuit of product, this is mainly because the current mainstream consumers have turned to the 1980 s and 1990 s after the younger generation. Their freedom of thought, economic independence, the pursuit of personality and fashion sense. In addition, the modern commodity houses usually tend to design, simple appearance, structure square and the floor height is low, it is suitable for the use of modern home decoration style and modern lamp. However, due to the development trend of modern lamps and lanterns, shorter product life cycle of the common, so the design of modern lamps and lanterns and development faster than other styles, or abandoned by the market. This requires lighting designers keep pace with The Times. Designers not only improve the level of their personal professional in the field of aesthetics, but also absorb inspiration in the field of other products, including the use of materials, structural combination of form and aesthetic elements. In addition to aesthetic and market, the function of modern lighting and technology is also in constant development. Used in the past, for example, is thicker packaging strips, but now have a flip chip packaging technology, and the light source can be thinner and thinner. This reduces the lighting designer restrictions on certain material volume, and have more space to play. The rapid development of LED light source technology provides lighting design art with the blue sky. Designer, Europe and other developed countries in particular architectural designer, responsible for the overall architecture design, interior design, furniture design, even including contemporary and contracted lighting and lighting design. It was done as a whole, in order to ensure the integrity of architecture design style and good sex.
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