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How to judge whether household lamps for eyesight protection, desk lamp manufacturers give you briefly

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
'Guidance' in put forward family lighting light source need to use the light source of three primary colors, red, green and blue are the three basic colors, tricolor lighting with light soft, uniform brightness, no stroboscopic, not dazzling, etc, and is widely used in schools and families of lighting equipment. Color temperature can be coloring agent temperature measurement, we don't have the color temperature agent? General product manuals on the annotation type of light source, color temperature, intensity of illumination, stroboscopic these basic parameters, in the family, we can also use some color temperature than figure, is that we often see red, orange, yellow, green, sequence diagram, the color of the light and lamp color temperature, color temperature gao will too white and too dazzling, low color temperature tends to yellow red, easy to cause KeShui. At home is very good, if the light yellow, red, the color temperature is low, an hour after sunrise, the concept of the sun is about 4000 k, 4000 k color temperature can let a person in a sober and have a warm feeling. Just speak low colour temperature tends to yellow red, the color of the candle with 2000 k color temperature, just about an hour after sunrise around 4000 k color temperature, under this kind of color temperature reading, learning, peace of mind, learning efficiency is high. It is recommended that children learn reading lamp color temperature should not be more than 4000 k. On the market at present there are some desk lamp color temperature is higher, have damage to the retina is the role of, can lead to macular degeneration, free radical increase, is also a risk factor for myopia occur. At the same time in the evening use can have inhibitory effect on the secretion of melatonin, interfere with the biological clock, adverse to the child's physical and mental development. So we repeatedly stressed the desk lamp of children learn to under 4000 k color temperature. Parents go home to see the children use the desk lamp of how much is the specific color temperature, and the use of light source, if do not conform to the requirements, shall be replaced as soon as possible. Also remind parents, if we study room dome light is not in conformity with the relevant requirements, not three colors light source, and should be replaced as soon as possible.
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