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how to install a new ceiling light - replacing the old one

by:Longjian     2020-03-22
Installing a new Longjian ceiling lightis usually not a difficult process.
Use a little common sense and do a little --it-
The practice of your own handyman can make this task easier.
Let\'s start with some electrical equipment foundations and get you through this task as soon as possible.
The first and most important thing you have to do is to make sure that they turn off the electricity, the lamps, your work.
Most of the time, this only requires ensuring that the light switch that operates the ceiling fixture is switched to the off position.
The good thing about ceiling lamps is that they don\'t have any moving parts like ceiling fans.
You will be able to remove the old ceiling fixtures and see how easy wiring is actually going from the house to the light fixture.
Now you can remove the old fixture and pay attention to how it is connected to the home.
You will notice that there are three wires, and you will have two unless the home is older.
You will have a wire in black and white, and some families will have a ground wire that will be an exposed copper wire or a green ground wire.
You won\'t get an electric shock as long as you lose power.
However, if you are really shocked and the power is off, there may be a problem with your electrical system.
Just a simple look up, always be careful when using electricity.
Most of the fixture boxes on the ceiling are standard sizes, which should not be a problem when you go to buy a new fixture.
Once new fixtures are purchased and ready for installation, make sure to read the assembly instructions and understand them.
Now, the process is basically reversed.
Remember how you removed the old fixture and you will reverse these steps to install the new fixture.
If you have never installed a fixture before, it will always be helpful to follow these instructions.
There are also some great home repair books to help with the process.
If you lack money or money to buy any books, go to your local library and see what kind of books they have about home repairs and home renovations.
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