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How to diy, cleaning the fireplace chimneys

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Check and clean the fireplace and chimney is very important for the use of safety and efficiency for the fireplace. Remember, some project is best done by professionals, but have the basic tools and common sense, you can very good understanding of the fireplace. Steps: 1. Removing from the chamber of a stove or furnace ash and debris. With hard broom or chimney brush cleaning furnace on both sides and bottom. Use a vacuum cleaner sucked out loose ashes. If it's convenient, would remove the wood frame. 2. As far as possible to the glass door ( If equipped with, Open to the largest, and put a piece of cardboard in the furnace. Spread a cloth back, enters the furnace to the body, so that you can use a flashlight to illuminate the flue. Can check whether there is a masonry cracks, as well as the status of the damper. 3. Let another person open and close the damper, so you can see if it can move smoothly, accessories in good condition in stent. You may need to wear safety glasses here, because the damper may stick with creosote and ashes, these substances may be fall into your eyes. After checking the damper, making sure it is in the closed position. 4. Spread a cloth or paper board at the bottom of the pipe, one side to stick on the wall, or folded against the wall, avoid the chimney ashes fell off dirty walls and floors. Then shut the door. 5. Through the ladder to the roof, if the chimney has rainproof cap and intercept barrier of small animals. Need to remove them, before moving, ensure the hand tools, can be reset again after check. 6. A flashlight on smoke tube, look to whether have creosote deposits, creosote is brown or black lumps, wood is after combustion by-products, gather in smoke tube wall. 7. With a long handle hard brush top down the chimney. It is better to buy or rent a chimney brush, otherwise may cause the chimney internal cleaning not thoroughly. Must be removed the sediment, can make its safe operation. 8. Using an extension pipe, PVC pipe do just can move into the smoke pipe laying waste. Most have a chimney smoke board or damper doors, stop waste directly into the chamber. After cleaning, check the pipe with a flashlight for cracks and damage. Most of the chimney is not metal tube is built of brick. If can't see the crack, you can replace the smoke cap, with a rubber seal when necessary. 9. See combined with roof, chimney here should have a waterproof board to do waterproof roof system protection, but are often corrosion or together may lead to roof leakage debris, now is a good time to check. 10. From the roof to the ground, and once again came to the front of the fireplace, remove you placed the gray paper or cloth. Reposition the andiron and enjoy the warm flame ignition.
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