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How to decorate your fireplace more give prize

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Fireplace is the import of the west, the fireplace is mainly used for heating in winter. Although it is not allowed to burn wood to keep warm, but include a electric fireplace, true fire fireplace, can not only keep warm, and good decorative effect, environmental protection, no dust. If you want to let the fireplace more give prize, can consider the following additional decoration. Candlestick classic style fireplace if you use some classic adornment can achieve very good effect, if the chimney-piece two decorative or retro candlestick, combined with the whole sitting room color, will immediately receive a wen wan's moving style [ More information on the electric fireplace. Murals in the asymmetric configuration design decoration on the mantelpiece murals, the focus of the sitting room was created. Fireplace in metope also immediately appear a kind of art and aesthetic feeling. The multiple mural irregular design, also with outspread vision and mixed style, unique and compelling. Rock for both practical and decorative effect of the fireplace, because more insulation and rock material has the best effect of fire prevention by many owners, with character and mystery of the original rock, tie-in and recreational furniture, can create a natural feeling. Many pattern configuration fireplace is to create the effect of classical, if on the pilaster carving delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork or the curve of heavy and complicated, will make the whole sitting room surrounded by elegant and graceful. Wood logs, if not true fire fireplace, put a few log beside the fireplace also can increase the nature of the whole fireplace with real immediately. Red brick wants to create a different result, also can use all can think of decorations, if you want to present the original rough impression, only need a few pieces of red brick can make the indoor, introduced the western rural amorous feelings, do not need too neat red-brick, if there are traces of ruined, you can easily create a feeling of nostalgia and random. Marble marble gives the impression of is often a cold, but it can build a palace style and effect, decorated with marble fireplace, soften the flame red with cold marble, which reflected nobility and costly. The effect of the images if you have a good effect, even simple fireplace can create a fire of coals red warm feelings, this builds a dim feeling of lamps and lanterns with a burning passion of music, can achieve the infinite comfort and warmth of the sitting room.
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