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How to correctly use electric fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
On how to use the electric fireplace guidelines include: how to open the electric fireplace ( Without using the remote control or without remote control model) How to use the electric fireplace how to regulate the temperature of the electric fireplace how to make the electric fireplace brighter electric fireplace allows you to have near the fireplace in the home atmosphere, without adding or chimney flue, and almost no flue gas ash and clean of trouble. Electric fireplace compared with other types of fireplace is different, including traditional open brick fireplace, fireplace and fireplace, because electric fireplace will not produce the real fire. Throughout this article, I will with self-contained electric fireplace, for example. Fireplace in the existing electric fireplace electric fireplace variety from different manufacturers, so I thought the example of the controls on the electric fireplace may not completely the same with other types of controls. However, the aim of this paper is to provide you with a good idea how to use their own electric fireplace, because components and controls the main concept behind in all models are similar. How to open the electric fireplace ( Without using the remote control or without remote control model) Some models of electric fireplace equipped with remote control, while others did not. My electric fireplace, there is no the attached remote control equipment, but I will explain how to in the absence of a remote control to open and start the electric fireplace. Electric fireplace to ensure your electric fireplace has been inserted into the socket inserted into a socket in the near and open, suggestion will always electric fireplace is directly inserted into the wall outlet, and don't connect extension cable or surge protector. My electric fireplace manufacturer, points out that in the manual on the device using extension cord is not recommended. Insert the power supply, you need to find the control on the electric fireplace to open it. Wall or embedded electric fireplace, independent type electric fireplace and electric fireplace plug-in control between the position will be different, but generally located in the front or side of the equipment. I in this article for example of independent type controls the electric fireplace is located in the back of the front cover. Electric fireplace in the control panel controls in my behind the lid of the electric fireplace, this is the appearance of the controls on my electric fireplace, including its USES. Electric control panel with electric fireplace control device - thermostat dial B - Lord and off switch ( Open flame) C - low heat setting on or off switch D - heat setting and off switch E - flame effect dimmer dial on this particular type of electric fireplace, must first open the main switch ( The above switch B) And then to use the heater. Open the main switch ( B) Will open the electric fireplace, and at the same time 2 d graphic simulation flame will jump on the display panel of fireplace. Electric fireplace in the master switch many types of electric fireplace has two kinds of heat setting. I use electric fireplace has two switch for heat output. One for low heat output, another for high heat output. Before using a switch to the heating mode, you must first open the master switch, in order to make the heater. In addition, you must first open the low thermal switch, then the heat switch to work. Electric fireplace fire element is used for heating and vision, usually separate switch, allows you to use them separately, or use them at the same time. How to use the electric fireplace heater ( And how to adjust temperature) Must be open again after electric fireplace insert the power supply socket. Electric power switch must be opened on the mantelpiece. Must open the heating switch on the mantelpiece. Constant temperature knob must be set to higher than the current room temperature. Some controls the operation of heater on electric fireplace, and other controls will flame ornamental function operation. The working principle of electric fireplace thermostat is as follows: turn the dial to the right turn to increase the temperature setting. Rotating the dial to the left to reduce the temperature setting. Electric fireplace thermostat dial a minimum set of electric fireplace thermostat electric fireplace thermostat wheel when to dial back to the room temperature, electric fireplace on the thermostat is usually issued a 'click' sound. To set up your favorite room, please turn to the heating mode and adjust the temperature of high temperature regulator dial, until a click is issued. Then, your electric fireplace will be heated room. After when the room reaches the required temperature, the thermostat set back, until hear a click sound. Then, electric fireplace will adjust the heat output to keep the room under the current temperature. Electric fireplace simulation fire control when the main switch open flame simulation from the corresponding wheel current setting brightness Settings. The working principle of electric fireplace brightness dial is as follows: rotating the dial to the left will lower the brightness of the flame. Rotate the dial to the right to increase the brightness of the flame. Dial has been rotating to the left, this is the minimum brightness Settings flame appearance. Dial has been rotating to the right, this is the biggest the flame appearance of the brightness Settings.
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