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How to collocation of desk lamp in the room

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Desk lamp, most used in home decoration, office decoration, bedroom adornment, etc. ; Also some for their children to study, work overtime. But today we are going to speak is how to match what you want in the room a lamp to foil the characteristics of the room. Desk lamp while living in adornment is a very small details. But when you go deep into the decoration of the room, you will find a small desk lamp, its color scheme, modelling, style, will influence your room style, residential environment. A simple lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a room, and took it from a dull, boring space into a comfortable area! First, we find the right position, start by determining to put desk lamp position, accurate measure height, as well as from the bed, sofa or a chair to the table lamp comfortable distance, to choose the desk lamp of your choice. You should pay attention to don't put a bedside table lamp in the living room on the square table lamp! Second, we want to make sure the size of the lamp. Desk lamp is put in the room, or sitting room, with its surrounding accessories to match, so how to buy, how high is the desk lamp of desk lamp position will carefully compare the decorations around. Recommended standard is a lamp, when you are sitting in a chair, and observe its shadow at the bottom is in your eye level. And then look at the modelling of lamps. A desk lamp does have its own style, as long as it can perfect style into your home. Another method is to make the desk lamp of modelling alternative inserted in a completely different style, become the focus of the radiation of the room, also is pretty good! And then talk about desk lamp color is tie-in. If the room is neutral background, lack of bold colors, almost most of the problems of the modern family. Like gray neutral style, desk lamp give you a chance, add warm colors.
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