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How to clean up the fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
The fireplace can bring people a lot of joy, a lot of warmth. You can imagine, a family or a group of friends, wrapped in a blanket, sitting beside the fireplace, and happy to talk, share each other's story, each other's mood, this is what a beautiful sweet thing ah. It is also many families still choose to purchase of wood or stone fireplace. But in winter, scrubbing the fireplace has become inevitable. Then suddenly everyone wants to once comfortable fireplace as far as possible. Cleaning the fireplace methods many, of course, but you want to consider the materials of stone fireplace, fireplace in age, the status of the fireplace, cleaning tools and other factors. A pre-announced, not each solution has been fully demonstrated, due to its own conditions and the phenomenon of broken already can damage your fireplaces. You can use your experiment methods to carry out clean. In the winter of cleaning method in use process to minimize dust cleaning will help you in the future. You can put a piece of aluminum plate under the fireplace, fireplace when not remove the aluminum plate, so you don't have easy cleaning the ashes. Of course, you can also use the old, with a broom and dustpan to clean. To deal with the problem of ash, the good solution is to throw some salt into the fire, it can remove the ugly black stain. Homemade cleaning method for the wall of the fireplace and positive, you can use homemade cleaning method. Concrete plan that suits you, you can test it. After all, not every package for you. Some people suggest that sprinkler, let the fireplace after absorbing water would be easy to clean. Some have suggested to clean water and detergent mixture. Use trisodium phosphate solution if all the above fails, 1/2 cup of trisodium phosphate 1 gallon of water on the solution, can be used to clean the fireplace. The mixture of toxic, so you have to wear masks and gloves, and open the window ventilation to ensure appropriate security. Cover the other furniture and carpet. The recommended cleaning method to you can be yourself to clean the fireplace, but at least a year to ask an expert to wipe out the soot and ashes. As for the chimney, should to the experts to do, of course, and check regularly.
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