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How to clean the fireplace chimneys?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Check and clean chimney is very important for safety and efficiency in the use of the fireplace. Remove some complex to can only ask professional personage to cleaning project, the basic content of the other, in fact you can diy, so more conducive to you for the fireplace common sense and a better understanding of basic tool use. Step 1. Remove dust and debris from the furnace. With hard broom or chimney brush to brush the sides and bottom. 2. With wide Angle to maximum limit to open fireplace glass door, then similar Yu Xiuli car when drilling chamber of a stove or furnace, using a flashlight for auxiliary lighting, observing the whole and the chimney possible gaps and how the situation of damper. 3. When you lie on your back in the chamber of a stove or furnace be careful when you clean the damper creosote may attached above and the ash impurities, so wear safety protection eyes eyes are quite necessary, in addition, when you end damper after cleaning, make sure to shut it down. 4. From the chimney closed fireplace doors, make room at the top of the fall of the influence of clutter. 5. Climb a ladder to the roof of your home, then close to the chimney, must be careful, safety first. If there is cover or wind cap, it needs to be removed. Before take off, please make sure that the hand tool with sealant, so that the back after the completion of installation to seal it. 6. Use the flashlight lighting along the flue, looking for possible creosote, that is a kind of combustible brown or black fireplace combustion by-products, often accumulate in the chimney flue. 7. Use hard brush with a long handle, brush on both sides of the top down the chimney. Should be enough to make the chimney wall attachments to fall off to clear clean thoroughly. 8. Use a extension tube were made with PVC, so that it can be unloaded to remove remove debris from the flue. Most chimney smoke door frame and damping device, can prevent our homemade tool directly dropped to the floor of the chamber of a stove or furnace ( If carelessly fall will directly affect your mood and work efficiency) 。 After cleaning, use a flashlight to check whether there is crack and crack flue. Most of the chimney flue is made of metal pipe or clay liner, the basic length is 2 feet ( 0. 6 m) 。 9. Check the chimney and roof adjacent place, especially if you have the chimney is to use this kind of sealing structure as shown in figure. Is usually lead to accumulation of corrosion leakage on the top of the clastic and perennial rain, etc. , however, is a good time to clear them now!
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