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How to choose and wall lamp?

by:Longjian     2020-09-02
Nordic modern lamp wall lamp installation height should be slightly more than the eye level 1. About eight meters high. Wall lamp of illumination shoulds not be too large, it is full of artistic appeal, the wall lamp chimney should be selected according to the wall color, white or yellow walls, appropriate USES the chimney of shallow green, light blue, light green and the sky blue walls, appropriate is used the chimney of milky white, pale yellow, dark brown, so, in a large area of color background wall cloth, a visible wall lamp on the ornament, give a person with elegant and pure and fresh feeling. How to choose and buy should pay attention to quality of chimney: at the time of purchase wall lamp, want to have a look at the quality of itself of lamps and lanterns. Chimney is usually made of glass, and support is usually made of metal. Lampshade mainly to see whether the transmission of light right, and on the surface of the design and color should correspond with the integral style of the bedroom. The corrosion resistance of the metal are in good condition, colour and lustre is bright beautiful full is check the important measure of quality. Bright lighting: generally speaking for the light is downy, degree less than 60 watts. In addition to choose according to the needs of the installation of different types of wall lamp, such as: small room with single head wall lamp, room is big, you can use double wall lamp, the space is large, they can choose thicker wall lamp; On the other hand, the thin pick some. After to notice that there is a good choice for the light bulb shield wall lamp, in order to prevent ignition wallpaper, cause dangerous. The bedroom is given priority to with downy, warm light. Wall lamp, floor lamp to replace the interior of the central dome light, wall lamp appropriate USES the diffuse materials chimney, low surface brightness at the top of the wall of the head of a bed, with a light brown cut glass wall lamp, of primitive simplicity, elegance, deep and lasting appeal. Bedside table available lash desk lamp, if it is a double bed, also can be in on each side of the bed, a lamp that match the lamps and lanterns raised optical switch, so that one of them to read the time another man is not affected by the interference of light. The lighting in the bedroom is no longer confined to the 'one room is one light' in the past, how to used for flood lighting of droplight, absorb dome light, and for local lighting and wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp and so on special lighting match reasonably, build a comfortable lighting space of different emotional appeal, be romantic gens update requirements. The wall lamp, plays a more and more important role in it.
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