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How to change the light of modern art connection way to solve the problem of the tail is not bright

by:Longjian     2020-08-23
What about holidays than rolling and lights up the whole community and the color is gorgeous. Half the fun of holiday rounds and see everybody to decorate my home. Some of the lost more happy, looking for new and innovative ways to lamp act the role ofing to adorn herself with the new holiday home. While the light of modern art is the choice of the significant particularly important. Design solutions that LED to eliminate the gap and have black spots, connecting two modern art lamp to run continuously. Is the first allowed to run on two lights of modern art, and implement the seamless connection in LED distribution of leading enterprises. Metope paint uneven will appear the phenomenon of irregular light, which we can use the installation box can be solved. Modern art lamp light Angle is 120 °, usually some lamp chamfer is too high, we can't see the lamp light produced by the modern art. To this, modern art lamp can be high, make the light with the light of modern art along the distance in a 4 - on the tank About 125 px is preferred, or modern art lights on the side wall. If modern art lamp is too long, the tail brightness is not enough, you can use more powerful constant pressure drive, such as 6 meters of modern art lamp with 4 a electric equipment, guarantee the electrical appliances have enough margin, unapt cause waste; Can also change the way modern art lamp connected to solve the problem of the tail is not bright. Choose a elements of modern art lamp, can make the holiday lamp power capital's not so fun. Power capital are on the rise, and backward in economy and people's basic no dramatic displays. There is an option that allows holiday alive body lights holiday lights of modern art. These lights are not only fit capital benefit, but brighter, than the traditional holiday lights have more choices. In the night lamp lighting overall planning of modern art, in the city to detailed history, current situation and development prospect of serious investigation, the key scenic spots, demonstrated in cognizance and then on the basis of the implementation. At the same time, the city night view lighting must also highlight the characteristics, exquisite taste. Light is a visual art, the visual effect of showing city characteristic is the soul of illumination. Therefore, style and taste is an important problem. Conforms to the landscape features, is rich in culture, there is a time spirit and noble elegant artistic style. To inhibit the landscape construction, advertising and other facilities, should be clean, make the landscape in harmony with the surrounding environment. In during the night view lighting construction, therefore, must be unified planning, choose accent lighting area and attractions, from a macro level prescribed illumination and lighting style, otherwise will not night view lighting the overall artistic effect.
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