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How to analysis the stand or fall of lamp?

by:Longjian     2020-08-29
Material aspect common incandescent light bulb is galvanized iron mouth is easy to rust, good quality lamps and lanterns is generally use of aluminum alloy, like nine Lin tome, we most of the material are made of aluminum alloy, beautiful and durable is not easy to rust the lamps and lanterns of filament has a little bit better, are generally not double tungsten filament, now generally LED light source, LED light source, durability and overall look is right choice, nine Lin tome is specializing LED light source. Brightness for the brightness of the LED light is far more than ordinary tungsten filament bulbs, large wattage illuminance and energy saving is not enough electricity. Prices when buying lamps and lanterns is not only a cheap, because must be proportional to the quality and price, as the saying goes, there are some good arguments for a price a points goods. To see whether the products have 3 c certification qualification authentication aspects, and its content review working voltage: LED can use the low voltage power supply, the input voltage can be in 6 - Between 24 v or 80 v - Between 265 v, and varies according to the product, so it is better than traditional lighting to adapt to the input voltage range, will not make by too high or too low voltage lighting termination of life, but frequent switch, use wide voltage ac input. Characteristics of the modern sense of lamp visual as: lighting environment, like the sun, bright, clear, real, comfortable! Watch the tiny objects, real, not fuzzy! Watch color body, the surface color saturation is high, the real color; The moving object visual location are accurate and true; The human eye visual nerve comfortable, not tired, can protect the eyes from the wound. Applicability: due to the LED lamp low energy, green environmental protection, long service life, wide application, can be used in various places, including indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, automobile lamps and lanterns, etc. Installation is simple: LED lighting installation is simple, easy to replace, example: traditional incandescent bulbs, and fluorescent tube, only the original lamp need to be replaced in the original position to replace good LED lights.
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